Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Miners from Sloppy Jalopy Painting Log, Part One

I have never done one of these before so please bare with me on this as I am not totally sure how this will work out. Its might actually be a little boring but hopefully not and it will be of interest to someone. So without further to do the painting log for Sloppy Jalopy's new Very British Civil War miners.

The figures as I have said before in the previous post are very nicely done and sculpted by Mr Matt Bickley and Mr Bill Thornhill. The casting is very sharp and clean with few mold lines which can be easily files away. The actually figures are now that I have had a good old chance to look at them up close and personally are very nice, well detailed and have a very naturally posed. 

The nice thing about them, besides the look of them and there versatility is the fact that they have separate heads. Now I know that some of you will think that separate heads is a pain and figures look better with the heads sculpted with them on but these are actually very good and actually work very well. There is a nice range of different heads from Miners Hats, naturally, wouldn't be miners without Miners Hats, but also bowlers, bare heads and flat caps. I know that Sloppy Jalopy with be doing other heads including helmets, straw hats and other head wear which means that you can have a good number of variations with these and if Sloppy do other militia types, like urban wear and rural wear militias, you could have a wonderful range.

All I have done with these chaps is to pose the heads and place them on the bodies, cleaned up the old mold line or two and then glues that to bases, in my case 2 pence pieces, I love them as they have the right height and add a little weight, especially to plastic miniatures. Then I added the mixed gravelly sand mix and undercoated them in matt black spray paint, I used Wilko's BBQ and Woodstove spray paint, which is quite cheap but it does give a good finish if when you first spray it it looks to thick and all the detail has been covered and lost but once it is dried in looks rather neat.

Well thats enough of me rambling and hopefully I will have the next step, painting the skin shortly.

Have a nice day.



  1. These figs look pretty darn good, despite misgivings over the whole separate head thing - they have a lot of character and almost a 30's pulp adventure feel. Definitely worth a look, thanks for sharing, PK!

  2. Very nice figs. I have a friend who is going to use them as Kent Miners to fight the AL and BUF. SO I shall look forward to progress eagerly. Liking what I see so far.

  3. Versatile figures indeed. I am tempted to buy some to depict the miners that the Earl of Portsmouth talks about in his autobiography that were in English Mistery with him.
    I look forward to seeing yours painted.

    1. I had to look that up. I had never heard of the English Mystery before.

  4. Very nice indeed, I was surprised to read that they had separate heads - endless possibilities!

  5. Cool looking figures there PK!

  6. Nicely done, PK! They're full of character. I have my reservations about separate heads too, but Nigel Higgins of the Duck Pond blog put me right on how it's done.

  7. Looks like a wonderful set of figures. I've to keep them in mind...

  8. I wasn't that impressed with the bare metal figures but like them a lot after you primed them. They would be useful in all sorts of ways, from VBCW to Pulp ... nice.


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