Sunday, 20 December 2015

Miners from Sloppy Jalopy Painting Log, Part Two

Well what with work, lucky enough to be temporary promoted to team leader, Mrs PK trying her best to fill every second of the day with going here and there I have managed to progress these Miners along a wee bit. What we are going to see is the stages on how I painted the fresh tones. Now I am no expert painter, no matter how I kid myself, but I have found, possibly the longer way to paint skin ever and you will see what I mean.

The Finished Skin
Now as I have said I am no expert when it comes to painting and I paint figures rather like I paint my illustrations which means you can see the brush strokes of the paint that I have laid down. Also I do water/thin down my paints a fair bit which allows me to layer paint on top of other to try and give it a more natural feel, not really sure that it is worth the enough though.


First off I applied a thin coat of Vallejo's Model Colour, Hull Red as the base for the skin as I want the feel of tough, hard working men with that weathered, ruddy look to the skin. I have found this to be a great colour as it keeps the luminosity of the layer that are laid down on top of it within making the other paints fight and jar against it.

Next a mixed Vallejo Game Colour, Tan, I use this colour as I cannot find a suitable colour close to tan in the Model Colour range, with the Hull Red that I used previously, and painted that over most of the skin leaving the recesses between the fingers, the eras, around the nose, the mouth in the darker base colour so to forum shadows. After this I painted the next layer using the Tan colour again on the top must areas so building the skin tone up.

The next layer I painted using Vallejo's Model Colour, Sunny Skin, mixed with a little tan and applied this to the nose, chin, cheek bones, the eye brows, ears, basically all the areas where light would hit it and then I washed the whole skin area down using Vallejo's Model Colour, Burnt Cadmium Red, to basically use the skin that glow that skin has.I have to admit I love the Burnt Cadmium Red colour as it is great for this as it gives a slight glaze to the figure.

After this I paint another layer of Sunny Skin mixed with a little Tan on top of this along the nose, cheek bones, eye brows, ears, all the areas where light hits the skin and then I highlight where pure Sunny Skin on all the above again but it lesser amounts. Once this is all done I simply paint the lips in Tan to finish off the figure.

I am not totally sure it is worth all the effort to paint the skin this way but I think that is gives a good naturally feel to the skin and in my opinion it is the part of the model that you should work the hardest on as it is the part most people look at first.

Well I hope you like that next with the painting of the clothes before I go onto the weapons and all the other bits and pieces.

Have a nice day.



  1. Very useful guide! Will certainly try your recipe as I quite like your more pinkish skin tones compared to the orange hue on my miniatures.

  2. Absolutely superb Pete, these are just going to get better and better.

  3. There's only one thing that really matters about how you paint... does it would for you and are you happy with the results? If the answer is yes then nothing else matters IMHO.

    While I'm here I'll take the time to wish you a safe and enjoyable Christmas mate and the same goes for your lovely wife and family. All the best!

  4. Pretty much exactly the method I use. These miners are looking Grand. Very suitable.

  5. Coming along very nicely PK!


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