Friday, 11 December 2015

New Miners from Sloppy Japoly

Hi chaps

New Miner chaps from Sloppy Jalopy and actually a bit of my thoughts on them. Firstly I would like to say a big thanks to Sloppy Jalopy for these as they are rather special and something that the world of VBCW has been looking for a wee while, a set of decent, militia types that can be used for a number of different worker and non worker types, let me explain. 


Yes these militiamen have been designed to be miners, with miners helmets and lamps but there also as separate heads which means that with a little bit thought and very little conversion, actually none, just head swaps, these chaps can double up as a Local Defence Militia or a Workers Defence Committee to a regular, generic civilian militia to a trade union militia. In fact they can be used for about just anything you can imagine for VBCW and also other civilian unit for different periods like a Home Guard unit for WW2 or a workers militia for SCW to a civilian unit for RCW or the German Civil War not to mention being used for more modern periods and Spy-Fi.

The actual pack has a good mix of poses and is very characterful.There are eleven figures in the pack which includes a commander holding a Miner's Lamp, a lewis gunner and number two, two banner bearers for those large union banners or you could have two banner bearers, and a mix of six rifle and shotgun armed men, one throwing some dynamite, all wearing civilian clothing, suits, jacket and trousers, jumpers or shirts. Added to the mix of bodies are the mix of different heads where you get bowler hats, flat caps, bare heads and of course miner's hats. I am told by Sloppy Jalopy that they will be doing the head separately as well as other types of heads in the future which means that you can get even more from this unit, straw hats anyone?

Now you would of thought that all this would cost you at least the same price of Empress or Footsore but you would be wrong as they only cost £15.00 for eleven figures, thats a real bargain, so pop over to Sloppy Jalopy and arm yourself with these, thats what I say.

Have a nice day



  1. Some splendid fellows there PK, ready to fight the good fight - well done!

  2. Nice looking figs I should be able to squeeze them in my SCW Militia

  3. They certainly look good. Good deal too!

  4. Don't mess with the city boys! Nice, PK.

  5. Popping over to Sloppy Jalopy as I type this! OK just after I type this.

  6. Oh they are sooooo tempting: must resist, must resist....

  7. Very nice figures, indeed!
    And they're making my fantasy go head over heels. For some time now I've been thinking about a what-if game with WW2 Operation Sea-Lion and some Germans invading England. Those chaps would make nice militiamen or up-set defenders... I'll keep them in mind!



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