Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year & Miners from Sloppy Jalopy, Work in Progress, Part 2

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone and I hope that this year is going to bring you happiness and joy.

I have been working of Sloppy Jalopy's Miners over the Christmas period as much as I can, which is been not a lot, but I have managed to progress a couple of the figures to a point where they are nearly finished. I started working of the unit leader/commander/ foreman first, thinking that it makes sense to me to start with him. Now these are 1930s miners for the Snibston Miners Section and I wanted to get that working class feel for them so I have gone for the mutes tones of greys, blacks and browns. I was thinking of having the suit as a Prince of Wales check but thought that as these chaps as Socialists I thought it wouldnt suit their ethics.

So to give him some colour I have gone with a red armband and a red tie, making him or rather them out as a socialist section and I think that it works well. I decided that I was not goig to give his a red scarf too as I thought this would be too much red so I when for a Leicester City football scarf or a couple of reasons, one, it adds more colour to the figure and two being working class I couldnt imagine him following the Leicester Tigers Rugby club. Now I could of gone for a couple of other clubs, Notts County, Nottingham Forest or even Derby as they are all local to Snibston but decided on Leicester as these chaps fight for the Socialist Corporation of Leicester.

I still have the metalwork on the lamp and the gun to do but I am waiting to I have finished all the chaps before doing that.

Next up is one of the banner bearers as you get two in the pack. This might seem a little strange but actually it makes as colliery banners usually require two or more men to carrier as they are big. This chap is in what I would call your average coal-workers clothing being dressed in overalls and with what was very common for the time a flat cap. I have gone for the standard blue for the overalls, doing my best not to make them look like denim material as they would be a heavy cotton trill, God I have gone all technical, which I painted using Vallejo's Model Colour Dark Prussian Blue and Prussian Blue with a little bit of Blue Grey mixed into the Prussian for the highlights.

The shirt I wanted to be an off white colour, the colour of an old, well used shirt with I used Russian Uniform for the base and lighted it with Blue Grey and top highlights of Off White, all again by Vallejo Model Colour range. Again I did the armband red to add some colour and the flat cap I painted grey and checked with Tan Earth and Iraqi Sand. Again the metalwork on the buckets and the gun, which is stuffed into the front pocket of the overalls is still to be done.

Next up is the other banner bearer who is a work in progress as I have only done the trousers, jacket and the miners helmet and just put the base colour down on the overcoat. I am hoping on having him finished soon as I can them work on the colliery banner, once I have found some reference for it. Again I am going with the muted colours and didnt want to do this as a suit but rather a jacket of trouser combination, which I think has worked well. I am in two minds on whether or not to have a checked pattern on the overall, which was quite common during the 1930s.

The overall is bases in Vallejo's German Extra Dark Green, which I think is a wonderful dark green base colour while the trousers where painted using German Black Brown, German Medium Brown and Tan Earth by Vallejo.

I have you are enjoy this and more will be coming soon.

Have a nice day



  1. Lovely work, PK! A Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. Happy New Year Pete! I hope you and Mrs PK have a great one. Nice work on the minis, especially the first one. The scarf is very nice indeed.

  3. Looking good PK, the Leicester scarf was a good idea. Have a great New Year!

  4. Lovely work, PK, Solidarity Forever!
    ; )

  5. Very nice job on these...and Happy New Year!

  6. Very nice work PK and a Happy New Year!


  7. I love the colours on these guys, Pete, especially the chap in the blue overalls. Really fine work.
    All the best to you and yours in 2016!

  8. Happy New Year PK Keep up the good work they are coming along greatly!


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