Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sloppy Jalopy's Miners, WIP, Part 5, Nearly There

Yes indeed I am nearly at the end of painting my miners I have got from Sloppy Jalopy, with now only one left to paint and then its the metalwork and bases to do.

The more I have painted these boys the more I have enjoyed it and now I have been working on there characters and personalities in my head as I have painted them. Please tell me that someone does this too because if not then I am a right nutter.

So first up is the "Old Man". Actually when I first this the sculpt I thought that this was the weakest of all them as it didnt shout out to me as the others did but once a suit was done it popped, strange when that happens isnt it? I again went for the sober suit colour with this dark prussian blue colour. I was thinking of having a simple check patterning to it but decided against it as it would taken away from the figure. The accents of colour with the strap for the rifle and the sticks of dynamite set the figure off.

Next is the "young chap" who is the youngest member of the mining team and is wearing a hand me down suit. I really like the pose of this figure and besides having the bandoleers, which I like as I like that would be the most common bit of webbing, is the fact that he has a jumper on under the suit. I have painted him is a sober bluish grey colour, like it is his best.

Lastly here is the "Pretty Boy", in his working coveralls, bandoleer of shotgun shell and armed with a shotgun. I really like this figure as it ouses character. In my mind he is a more political member of the militia, having missed out on fighting in the Spanish Civil War for the Republicans, took up the trade union banner and joined the local Independent Labour Party. Always fighting for his Brothers rights and the rights of the working man, he is always the first into a fight.

Even though these figures are for Very British Civil War I can see these being used for other periods like a workers militia for the SCW or the German Civil War, 1919 to 1921. I can being used in a Peaky Blinders, 1920s style game to be being used in a Spy Fi game like James Bond.

Anyway enough of my ramblings and hav a nice day.



  1. And a very pleasing colour scheme too!

  2. Very good job, I like it!
    Enjoy the game!

  3. They look superb PK! Very nice work.

  4. Nicely done, PK. They do develop their own characters as they're painted.

  5. Very nice mate I think this one is my favourite so far.


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