Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Sloppy Jalopy's Miners WIP, Part Six

I am not totally sure if this is Work in Progress or finished as i still have the bases to do but I guess until the bases are finished it is still a WIP.

Well I have actually finished all the painting on the miners and I have to say it has been a very enjoyable project to do. Now this does mean that the Snibston Miners Militia is finished, no not at all. I still have the banner to do and mount and the bases to finish but in general they are finished.

I have kept with the muted, natural tones throughout the unit with just the hint of colour to make the unit stand out and I really think that the unit works well together. I think I have managed to capture that 1930s working men look and because of the limited(ish) palette it has unified the whole unit together.

I think the sculpts have helped and added some of the character to the unit and I have to say it have been one of my most enjoyable units to paint for a long time.

Now you can see the bare bases before I add my things to it and they are simply a 2 pence piece with some fine and mid coarse sand glued to it. After that it is primed black and then base coated Vallejo's Model Colour Flat Earth. Then a light drybrush of Vallejo's Model Colour Tan Earth is applied and then Vallejo's Model Colour Iraqi Sand is light dusted on top as a final highlight.

Next up with be the bases, so until then have a nice day.



  1. Love 'em Pete! Packed with character. They look really gritty and certainly are not a crew to mess with.

  2. Lovely work PK! Great characters!

  3. I understand how you feel in some ways as for me, my miniatures never ever seem finished. But for what it's worth, these look great as is.

  4. Fab work PK. Its been great seeing the unit come to life.


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