Monday, 25 January 2016

Vote for me and my book at Beast of War Awards, PLEASE!!!!

Hi there chaps and chapettes

You never believe this but the last VBCW book, Factions, Flags and Formations has been nominated for Best Game Expansion on the Beast of War 2015 Annual Awards which is amazing as it looks like Very British Civil War is slowly making it way into mainstream gaming at long last. What this means for gaming I really dont know but I am riding the joy of the nomination as it means so much.

So if you all dont mind could you pop over to Beast of War and vote for this I would be very grateful as it is very nice to see a VBCW book be nominated in the first place and be blooming amazing to see it win the award, dont you think?

The link for the site is here and once there simple click on the Beast of War 2015 Gaming Awards its in the Best Game Expansion Category

Do this for me as I missed out on the nomination for Best Artwork and it would be cool to see the hard work for my illustrations and flag designs win something. I know I am a bit bias but I think these are the best flags I have done. Here is some examples of the flags in the book. 


  1. How exciting, best of luck Pete.

  2. Just did the survey and of course you got my vote! I think congrats are due, no matter the end result.

  3. Already sorted my good man! Excellent looking flags!!

  4. I voted, PK, best of luck there. Those flags are excellent!

  5. Thank you everyone for taking he time to vote, I am so happy.

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