Sunday, 15 May 2016

More On the Blogger Meet UP at Partizan 16

Hi folks with Partizan being only a week away, gosh doesnt time fly quick, here are some more details of the Blogger Northern(ish) Meet Up.

Firstly the Meet Up is actually in the north of England as it is north of the Trent besides the Great North Road, that makes it northern on my soft, southern, fill in the blank, books.

I now at set a time and the place. I have moved the time for a couple of reasons but mainly a request from a fellow blogger and also myself. The pair of us are running games and it is very busy in the morning so moving it to the new time of 1:00pm better suits us and is generally quicker.

The place, as it is a new venue for Partizan and I am a little unsure of the good meet up points I have that we have meet up at my table, DG 19, and then move from there to a better place after. It should be easy to spot as there will be a two metre banner advertising the Very British Civil Forum and the game. I actually have an idea of where to go but I just want to you all to see my game, no actually just sort of made sense and also reminds me to get my skates on.

The Floor plan and where the table is.

VBCW Banner look like this.

Hope to see you all there and if there is any changes I will let you all know.

Have a Lovely Day


Sunday, 8 May 2016

Blogger Meet Up North(ish) at Partizan

Calling all bloggers that go to or think about going to Partizan in Newark at the Newark Showground but have never really got around to it well here is your chance as for the first time ever in conjunction with the new venue for Partizan

So like the chaps and chapesses do at Salute I was thinking of a similar think for us Northern, okay Northern(ish) bloggers to meet up, get to know each other and have a chin wag about things, but most importantly put names to faces. Maybe you will get to know my real name, lol, but joking aside I think it would be a wonderful thing to do and who knows maybe this could be the start of the Bloggers Roadshow and have a little tour of bloggers meet up up and down the country, hang on I am giving a little in front of myself, but really these meet ups could be a good way to breathe some new air into the idea of Blog Con, who knows.

So if you are interesting in this and are coming to Partizan lets make it a date and say we will meet up, somewhere at the moment and I will come back to you all with where, at noon in the George Stephenson Pavilion, Newark Showground on Sunday 22nd May.

Put share this and re post, so we can make this in the word of the Wild Stallions,

Most Excellence! 

I hope to see you all there.

Have a lovely day

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