Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Partizan and the Very British Civil War Game

Well its that time of year again and its the start of my show campaign season starting with Partizan on 21st May at Newark Showgrounds. As usual I have got the big table arranged and the idea for this shows game is as follows. Basically the events of the previous games have added to the mix and frankly the Socialists/Anglican League Alliance has finally come to an end with the League breaking from the Socialists in a big way.

A Rag and A Pole

Battle of Tugby

“What! You want me and my brother soldiers to do what again? Raise a rag of a pole of the church? Why? Who is going to die for a rag and a pole?” asked Brother Captain Blunt while overlooking the church of Saint Thomas Beckett in Tugby with his field glasses, “What is the point Brother Travelling Officer? What good does it achieve? As I have few trained men as this will only end badly” but Brother Travelling Officer Nene said in a quiet, reassuring tone “Have Faith Blunt, have Faith”, “Faith?” barked Blunt, “Faith? Who fight for a rag and a pole?” and Nene turned to him and said “You do, my good man, you do” and slowly walked away back to the car to make their way back to Launde Abbey and continued “Remember, they started this when they destroyed one of Our Churches and They need to be shown a lesson”.

The Plot

The Anglican League forces from Launde Abbey have fooled the Socialist forces of the Corporation of Leicester that guard the village of Tugby away under the pretence that the Duke of Rutlands’ Loyalist forces are about to attack Tilton on the Hill leaving only a Local Defence Volunteer force to defend the village. The Launde Abbey Special Action Group, led by Brother Captain Blunt, is to advance into the village of Tugby, capture the church of Saint Thomas Beckett and from the steeple raise the flag of the Anglican League claiming the village as theirs, declaring an end to the alliance with the Socialists of the Corporation of Leicester, cutting the main road route to the Great North Road from the Corporation of Leicester and preparing the Leagues defences around Launde Abby and soliciting help from their fellow Anglican brother is Peterborough and Lincoln.

However as the Socialists forces reach Tilton on the Hill and realise that the Duke has not got forces there a messenger informs them of the actions of the Anglican League in Tugby and they turn back to defend/relief the village.

Anglican League Forces

Brother Captain Blunt’s Specials

These are a highly trained section of specialists, treat of Veterans, given the mission to carry the Peada Brigade banner to place on top of the church of Saint Thomas Beckett. Raising this banner, the Anglican League are hoping in the support of the people in the surrounding area offering a new way to tackle both the King’s Loyalists forces, including the BUF and the Order of Martyrs but also the Socialists forces of the East Mids Socialist League.

Peada Brigade, Launde Abbey Company

This company strength force from the Launde Abbey with limited transport and support elements deployed as a blocking force to protect the main assault from Brother Captain Blunt’s Specials. This force consists of Regulars, in ten men sections; use standard Went the Day Well force generator.

People’s Armies Forces

Tugby Local Defence Force, Socialist Militia

They are a small, two sections plus a command section, force charged with the defence of their village. There are consisted Regulars because they are defending their village. Each section has an LMG but no support in the HQ.

Corporation of Leicester, East Mids Socialist Alliance, Eastern Defence Company

They start the game with their Nerve Level as Jumpy for the first turn as they are been travelling around the county on a wild goose chase after the Duke of Rutland’s forces to only find out that they are in the wrong place and need to travel fast to Tugby along bumpy country roads. This Nerve Level is only for the first turn and after that this goes to Normal. This force consists of Regulars and the standard Went the Day Well force generator.

I am rather pleased with the way the map turned out and I think I will do all my maps in future this way, what do you think?

Have a nice day and enjoy yourself.



  1. I think it's a very attractive map indeed. I'm not sure about how you've indicated the units, but that might be a personal taste thing.

    If it was me, I might go for a 'china graph pencil' look, using a curved line to show unit frontage, along with the tactical 'three dots' for a platoon, one for a section, as if you'd physically drawn on the map in an 'O Group'.

    Regardless though, it is fit for purpose, so well done!

  2. Sounds like a blast Pete and I love the map too - dare one ask how you achieved the result?

    1. Of course you can Michael, I did the map is an program called Battle Chronicler, its the same program that Henry Hyde used in his reports in Battlefront, give pictures like the old White Dwarf battle reports and then exported it as a JPeg file.

      After this I used another program called FotoSketcher, which takes photos and turned them into painting, run it through a watercolour filter.

      The best thing is Michael is that the programs are free

    2. They sound great Pete, I shall have to go and have a look. Many thanks.

  3. Sounds like a great premise for a game.

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