Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Test Of Honour and A Bit of a Progress Update

Yes I have got into a couple of other games beside VBCW, I know VBCW it not the be all and end all, who I am kidding, yes it is, and I have got into Test Of Honour by Warlord Games. This is a skirmish level Samurai wargame, played with roughly five to twenty models on each side, and it great fun.

Well, Oh my God, I have painted six, yes six different factions for Test of Honour in one weekend, a total of 69 figures, a record for me. Well we could say painted actually what I have done is sprayed them six different colours and see if I can use the Army Painter method to paint a reasonable large number of troops in a short period of time, or I simply leave them looking like Risk pieces.

So I got a terrain mat from Tiny Wargames, this one is a cloth mat, I needed to iron it but I was so happy with it and got it out of the packaging and took the pictures straight away, and I got some buildings from TTCombat and we are away, minimum fuss. I now need to get a bridge or two and a shrine and we are away.

 So that me for today and I hope you like the post.

Have a lovely day



  1. Looking good PK, I've heard good things about this game.

  2. Off to a good start mate. Like the blog redesign as well.

  3. Awesome. I got the plain mat from Tinywargames as was concerned about the static nature of the pond and streams on this one. Nice to see such colourful forces ;-)

  4. Love the design details on that mat, wow!

  5. Great Post
    This font is absolutely horrendous... Makes it very hard to read

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