Tuesday, 30 May 2017

McNulie,a Frother for SLA Industries

Here is my entry for the Daruma Productions paint a Tartan clad Frother competition. He is the character Frother, McNultie is his PP10 "Hard" Armour striking a pose with his favourite Multi-Job Lacerates, MJL Power Claymore 300, <insert name here> and his Generaql Armaments, GA20 "Finisher" Assault Rifle.

Now I have gone for a simple plain colour design for the armour and accentuated this with small areas of bright colour,yellow and red, that are echoed in the Tartan of the kilt. For the tartan in the kilt I opted for a simple pattern called Wallace tartan as it fitted the character well, "FREEDOM" and all that jazz and as the two brothers at Daruma are also Wallace's so it seemed to be the right thing to do.

Now I dont think I stand a snowball in hell's chance in the competition but you never know and fingers crossed.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Competition time Paint a Frother in Tartan

Does anybody have any Tartan Paint to hand? We have a load of Frothers could do with a lick of paint..

So, onto the exciting bit!! We love the new Frothers so much that we are having a Tartan Paint contest; as you can see from the Topper below, our Head Operative - Steve, is preparing to add the tartan to Topper, now.. what scheme will he pick?

Tartan is notoriously difficult to paint, but the Frothers simply don't look dressed without it. We want to see your Tartan!

Daruma Productions are launching a Contest to find the best dressed Frother, with the most colourful Tartan. All entries must be photographed and posted on here by the end of June, and the Daruma team will select the winner from all entrants. This can be either a single Frother chosen from the Frother Squad, Topper or McNultie. All entries are welcomed!

The prize for the Winner is a fully signed Art Print of the original McNultie image that Dave drew for the Kickstarter - we will have this specially printed out on high quality paper, signed by Dave and framed for the Winner. We have no intention of ever printing these beyond this contest, so this will be a unique piece of SLA Memorabilia. In addition, we will print you a special Tee shirt with McNultie on it - again, these won't be going into production so you will have a one of a kind!

We will have more updates on the Open Day painting contest shortly as well, we can't wait to see all those Painted SLA Minis!


Pop over to Daruma Productions Facebook Page to join in the fun and have a go.

Scav Faction

The resourceful Scavs are inveterate tinkerers, their hulking frames belying their technical skills and tactical ability. Found in small numbers, they are a formidable foe that should never be engaged without a threat assessment. Instantly recognisable in their great coats and gas masks,they are luckily unmistakable and are to be avoided if spotted.

“So, that’s a Scav, eh? Why did nobody tell me that something that big could move that quickly?” Declan Kaibrush, Shiver Forward Obverver

Strong in small numbers, they can both dish out and soak a lot of damage, and are likely to be armed with improved weapons and equipment. Their ability to take scrap and turn it into something useful is one of their many strengths.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Faction Carrien

Wherever you go on Mort, you know that you’re never too far from rats and the same is said of Carrien. The infestation that our loyal operatives deal with in the streets and sewers of Downtown exists in larger numbers outside the wall, including giant monsters and mutants. The nimble vermin are no match for well-trained Shivers individually, but what they lack in strength, they make up in numbers. This is their home and they won’t give it up without a fight.


Weak as individuals, the animalistic Carrien operate in packs to take down their foes. They move swiftly, ignoring obstacles to close the distance to their targets and use their numbers. Up close, Carrien can be dangerous opponents, making up for their weaknesses in sheer ferocity. Larger packs may have a Greater Carrien and sometimes even a brutal and unpredictable Mutant Carrien to throw into the fray.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Faction Shivers

The Shiver Units policed the streets of Mort City until the challenges outside the wall became too great to ignore and SLA Industries repurposed them to fight the encroaching forces of the cannibal sector. Their regular green street armour was swapped out for grey and their non-lethal ball-bearing gauss rifle ammo was replaced with deadly flechettes. While the sector shivers have the same silhouette as the men and women who protect your homes and streets, they pack a bigger punch and aren’t to be messed with.

“Come on ladies and gentlemen, you want to die in your socks? For the sector wall!”

Shivers are a regular human force, armed and armoured to withstand any challenge they meet in the sector. They work as a unit with several standard troops, a Sergeant and sometimes a specialist. The regular Shivers rely on their gauss guns, body blocker armour and training to stay alive, while Sgt Rooker, wielding pistols and wearing HARD Armour, tells them what to do.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Delia the Destroyer

This is another from the SLA Industries range from Daruma Productions and this ladies is Delia the Destroyer. She is one of the fluff characters from the RPG and she courts fame by being the first person to come back to live after using her Life After Death account, yes the World of Progress and SLA Industries really dont like losing those ratings and if you have the money even death is no problem anymore.

I have enjoyed painting Delia as she was my first resin sculpt I have painted and I was stunned by the level of detail on the figure. Resin can give a really clean and clear surface to paint on and I know its a little more expressive but it is well worth it.

Again I really enjoyed paint Delia and the use of the primary colours really make her pop and stand out. But saying all that the credit for the colour scheme is the artist Dave Allsop as I have followed his artwork.

I hope you like this and see you soon

Have a Nice Day


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

SLA's Shiver Sergeant Rooker

I am back and this time with more SLA Industries goodies in the shape of Shiver Sergeant Rooker.

This man rocks and is a bit of a one man killing machine with his FEN Finisher in one hand and a Cannibal Sector Pick in the other, safe in his Hard suit.

Now he is based on a wonderful picture by Dave Allsop and he was a pleasure to paint.

Monday, 1 May 2017

SLA Industries, A New Game and a New Passion

Now let me tell you of my new passion in the world of Flippingshinyitis that I have and why I love this so much but I guess I should tell you what it is. Years ago like a good many of us, I used to play RPGs and there was a game that I always though wow wouldnt it be great if it had minis but that was back in the 90s, yes I am really that old, and back then besides D&D you couldnt find minis for games, so I when played my RPGs with the aid of minis. This RPG was SLA Industries and I will explain more.

What is SLA Industries? In 1993, the Scottish company Nightfall Games released SLA Industries, its roleplaying game of science fiction horror, a very British antidote to the slick and angsty settings that were popular at the time. Set in The World Of Progress, the sphere of SLA Industries’ influence in the known universe, players take on the roles of operatives, employees of an all-encompassing company that controls a frightened population with reality TV and violence while a creeping horror claws its way through the edges of reality.

The game has seen renewed popularity recently, as Nightfall Games reclaimed publication, releasing source material as PDFs over the last few years. With the game returning to print in the near future, Nightfall Games partnered with Daruma Productions to produce a line of miniatures (including iconic characters like Halloween Jack and Delia the Destroyer) and a skirmish game to allow more people to enjoy the setting and characters of SLA Industries.

So this is my journey back into a long lost love of mine SLA Industries. SLA (pronouced Slay) Industries was, actually is, a RPG from the minds of Dave Allsop and Jared Earle and was first published in 1993 by Nightfall Games in Glasgow, Scotland. The game is set in a dystopian far-flung future in which the majority of the known universe is either owned or indirectly controlled by the eponymous corporation “SLA Industries” and incorporates themes from the cyberpunk, horror, and conspiracy genres.

The game combined concepts inspired by a range of aesthetics and ideas. Elements include: song lyrics from David Bowie and the Industrial music scene, cyberpunk fiction (including Blade Runner and Max Headroom), anime / manga (including Akira, Appleseed, Bubblegum Crisis, and Trigun), and the growing cultural obsession with the media (including 24-hour news services and the Gladiator TV Show).

There is a very rich background and SLA Industries itself is a fictional corporation run by a mysterious and seemingly immortal creature called “Mr. Slayer”, whose upper management team includes two other creatures like himself, “Intruder” and “Senti”. The corporation is headquartered in “Mort City”, a densely populated city-sprawl larger than Eurasia and surrounded by the urban ruins of the “Cannibal Sectors”. It is all located on a vast planet (also called “Mort”) that had been stripped of its natural resources to the point that the ecology had been utterly destroyed. SLA Industries controlled an undefined but vast number of planets, collectively referred to as the World of Progress, and governed them in accordance with Mr. Slayer’s Big Picture. The setting is bleak and surreal, with much left deliberately ill-defined in the source material.

Players take the role of freelance employees of SLA Industries, called Operatives, living in Mort City and taking care of odd jobs assigned to them by the corporation. These jobs usually involve keeping the peace—chasing serial killers, hunting monsters in the sewers, quashing riots, foiling terrorist plots, and silencing dissidents are common themes. Appearance, style and branding are emphasized in the game world as much as combat ability, due to the omnipresence of television; for ambitious Operatives public persona and TV ratings are often as important as professional abilities. A supplement, the Contract Directory, also provides the option for players to play as celebrity gladiators called Contract Killers. As a role-playing experience, the game tends to be predisposed towards splatterpunk horror, noir, dark satire, and/or gunbunny high action. However, the complexity and Byzantine politics of the setting allow for slower-paced campaigns based around subversion, inter-departmental rivalry, and cut-throat power struggles within the company.

Along with humans, playable races include the drug-addicted mutant humans called “Frothers”, the stealthy feline “Wraith Raiders”, the formidably violent saurian “Shaktar”, and the two ‘Ebb’ / pseudo-magic using races: the emotionally sensitive and charismatic Ebon, and their more sadistic and violent evolution, the “Brain Wasters”. There are also a variety of biogenetic vat-grown warrior races called Stormers, produced by SLA to fight in their endless wars.

Now that is the background and a petty messed up “World of Progress” it is, but there was never a range of figures to go with this RPG, much to my disappointment, even though there was rumours, over the years that suggested that there might be one in the future and this is where Daruma Productions stepped in and said this…

“SLA Industries: Cannibal Sector 1 – Tabletop Skirmish in the World Of Progress

Whats this, a range of SLA figures and a skirmish game, please tell me more went the voice in my head, actually it screamed “SLA toys, I want them all” and what is this Kickstarter thing and I jumped in. So after looking further into this, meeting the chaps from Daruma at a couple of shows and their love for this is off the scale, safe hands I think, I jumped in on the Kickstarter, thanks Beast of War for pointing me in the direction of this game, and brought some of their minis and this is the start of my fun.

There are six different factions:


Shiver Units operate chiefly as SLA Industries’ main police force, but they also serve as the primary line of defence along the Sector Wall. 24 hours a day, the men and women of the Shiver Units patrol the perimeters, and more increasingly, journey into Cannibal Sector itself to drive back its ferocious inhabitants. To work in the sector the Shivers give up the green armour for grey, and switch from the standard ball bearing round for the lethal flechette in their Gauss Rifles. They are brave, loyal, and, most importantly, expendable.


Carrien are a strange, highly aggressive indigenous species of Mort. With their canine-skulled heads and hockey-stick weapons, the Carrien are instantly recognisable, and they are commonly found in the dark passageways of Downtown. The bulk of their numbers, however, live and thrive in the Cannibal Sectors. Carrien exist solely to feed and they perpetually stalk the ruins in search of fresh prey, beating them to death and gulping down their flesh raw in great chunks.


Many consider the Scavs to be the greatest new threat in the Cannibal Sector. They are a race of beings cloaked in mystery; their faces hidden behind gas masks and bodies shrouded in piecemeal armour and filthy rags. Despite their dishevelled appearance, Scavs are a force to be reckoned with, having an intellect to match their towering statures. They work ceaselessly to gather scrap from the city ruins to then convert their recovered junk into powerful weapons and vehicles. Only their low numbers stand against them, but each individual Scav is an equal match to a SLA Operative.


Lack of food, clean air and water created the cannibals of Sector One. They have existed, threatened and neglected by SLA Industries, since its earliest days. As the centuries passed, the cannibal clans were formed, and their numbers swelled to alarming proportions. The cannibals began as impoverished humans, but toxic waste, horrors of Sector life and natural selections have created hulking monstrosities that can hold their own against neighbouring Carrien and Scavs.


DarkNight Inc. are the age-old enemy of SLA Industries. The two companies have been locked in bloody corporate war for centuries. This battle has been played out on the savage war worlds, the subterranean streets of Downtown, and finally, in the wreckage of the Cannibal Sectors. Dark Night send out their best and most notorious agents far into the dead cities to slaughter Shivers and Carrien alike.

SLA Operatives or SLAops

Operatives are the finest trained and best equipped staff in SLA Industries. Their principal directives are to protect SLA Industries from rival company attacks, destroy hostiles subversives on Mort and throughout the World of Progress. SLA Industries selects only the best trainees to become Ops; the majority are human, but they will readily employ alien races like the Wraithen and Shaktars, pseudo-magic wielding beings knows as Ebons, and biogenetic warrior Stormers. Operatives fulfil a selection of different missions for the company; these will occasionally take them into the depths of Cannibal Sectors in order to exterminate high-level threats, like marauding Scavs or particularly well-organised cannibal enclaves.

The rules are available for download from here and are very quick and straight forward but I will tell you more about it later.

What I am planning do is a step by step of the various factions involved in the game as I slowly get through them starting with the Shivers.
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