Tuesday, 30 May 2017

McNulie,a Frother for SLA Industries

Here is my entry for the Daruma Productions paint a Tartan clad Frother competition. He is the character Frother, McNultie is his PP10 "Hard" Armour striking a pose with his favourite Multi-Job Lacerates, MJL Power Claymore 300, <insert name here> and his Generaql Armaments, GA20 "Finisher" Assault Rifle.

Now I have gone for a simple plain colour design for the armour and accentuated this with small areas of bright colour,yellow and red, that are echoed in the Tartan of the kilt. For the tartan in the kilt I opted for a simple pattern called Wallace tartan as it fitted the character well, "FREEDOM" and all that jazz and as the two brothers at Daruma are also Wallace's so it seemed to be the right thing to do.

Now I dont think I stand a snowball in hell's chance in the competition but you never know and fingers crossed.


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