Sunday, 17 December 2017

More Blood and Plunder and Gangs of Rome

Well I have been a busy boy. Not only have I finished the last unit of my English Militia but also my English Freebooters for Blood and Plunder by Firelock Games, come on who doesnt love Pirates?

The Last English Militia unit done and I'm jolly happy with the results even if they look a Christmassy. Actually the uniform is based on the uniform the Coldstream's in Tangiers in 1670 something and it looks jolly good. Maybe the green could of been a tad darker and less Christmassy but they will look good on the battlefield.

So my next unit is the last English Unit for Blood and Plunder and they of English Freebooters and I'm really happy with the way they have turned out. I am really getting the hang of this Army Painter, block colour, dip/wash and highlight method and though it is not as good as me spending my time painting with blends and slowly building up the colours, it has meant I have got reasonable size forces on the table quickly that look fine.

 Now all that is left for me to finish is Captain Henry Morgan and the artist Howard Pyle.

And last but no means least is Gangs of Rome by Footsore Miniatures and War Banner. I am loving the figures and the scenery at the moment and on the Gangs of Rome Facebook page they are just teased a couple of pictures of what the rules are going to look like. I am super excited by this game and I am looking forward to the release of the rules by PDF later this week, well before Christmas.

Have a nice day.


Monday, 11 December 2017

English Militia for Blood and Plunder, WIP

I have fallen in love with Blood and Plunder which means I have got into 17th/18th century wargaming, golly gosh. Well what was not to like as it is a Pirate game and the rules are jolly good too. I have two forces at the moment, the French and the English, with another one coming soon, the Spanish. Blood and Plunder is set at the start of Piracy about 1660s to 1690s and you can fight on land or at sea using the same rules. The ships are amazing and I will say more about them in a further post.

So I have started my final unit of English Militia with an officer. I think the green might be a little too bright but we will wait and see. As I get closer to finishing my last English Militia unit for Blood and Plunder and I'm happy with the results so far. Just the highlighting to do and then it's the Frigate. The uniform of the English Milita is based on the Coldstream Guards in Tangiers.

I have painted these chaps using the Army Painter method of block colours and dip, actually Strong Tone wash, as I want them on the table quickly and the finished results aren't that bad.

Until next time have a nice day

Monday, 4 December 2017

Waiting for Gangs of Rome

With Gangs of Rome coming out in January, I found my old Wargames Foundry Gladiators and started painting them. Never realised just how many I have. So looking forward for Footsore's game and figures.

Here are a little bit about the game.


Inspired by the history of the great city, Gangs of Rome takes place in the shadows of the Empire where the heads of ambitious houses have gathered fighters forged hard by the streets to do their bidding and enact their schemes.

As a Dominus, the head of a house of Rome, you will seek out the most brutal of Romes criminal denizens, plying them with the promise of wealth and glory should they aid you in your plan to rise to the Senate of Rome and cast down all enemies before you.

Closing about you like a ring of steel your gang will arm themselves and take to the streets and alleyways of the city, advancing your interests and crushing your foes.
Your strategies mixed with their savagery, mind and sword as one as you carve your name across the very pages of history.

This is your story, a tale wrought by your hand; you will rise on the backs of your fighters, gaining power and influence enough to change not only your future but that of Rome herself.

Recruit. Dominate. Ascend.

This is Gangs of Rome.
An innovative 28mm Skirmish game for the sharp of mind and bold of action.

Welcome to Rome Dominus.

Gangs of Rome is a historically inspired skirmish game from War Banner Ltd & Footsore Miniatures.

I am so looking forward to this.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Blood and Plunder Ship's Boat

For my sins I have discovered Firelock Games wonderful pirate game Blood and Plunder and I have fallen in love with the game. The rules are simple to learn but a bugger to learn all the nice little touches that make this game great. Oh yes there are Pirates.

My ship's boat for Blood and Plunder is finished and I'm happy with the way the wood has turned out. Funny how I dip my figures and paint the ships. What do you think?

I will be doing more on Blood and Plunder soon.

Kickstarters, SLA Industries and Daruma

I know that Kickstarter is a bit of a gamble and they are generally late and running behind schedule but there are times when a company who has kickstarted a project fails to honest and truthful and hope there actions has led me to lose all faith in them. I understand that they are a small company of four people and this year has been very hard on the learning curve and this from there latest update, which again has not been put of the Kickstarter page. 
"25 November
Good Evening all! 
Firstly, we want to start off with an apology to our customers out there - we are at that stage of Company growth where we need more resource than we have access to. This has meant that this year we have tried to solve our logistics issues with 3rd parties, with the intent of giving better service - and those relationships have been fraught with issues, meaning that despite our best efforts our Service and Order fulfillment has been less than it should have been, and for that we can only apologise and reassure you all that since we started working more closely with Asylum Games, we are finally getting everything fulfilled! 
We seem to have had 1 of those years where everything that could go wrong.. did. However we have learnt a great deal from these experiences and everything looks much tighter as we move forward. 
Just about every mail order other than the Remus' recasts has now been dispatched or will be in the next few days and those new cast Remus' will be with us early next week, after which we will dispatch immediately. 
That will bring us up to date with everything, except for the Cannibal Pre orders - and we have superb news on those.. Dave has signed off on the final renders and we will be previewing those in the next week or so. They are absolutely fantastic, and will be mix and matchable so that you can change around the legs, bodies, arms and heads - giving you a lot of potential for modelling and ensuring that no 2 look alike. As soon as we finish those, we roll right into the Carniverous Pigs! Those will soon be followed by the Butchers and finally Mommas Favourite little boy, Jordie. We only need another 15 or 16 pre orders and the Clan will be on the table! 
With Xmas coming up - we have gone through the entire online shop and adjusted the quantities for everything that we have in stock and ready to ship. That means, that anything you order between now and Wednesday 20th December will be shipped pre-Xmas. Please bare in mind that if you are order for overseas its unlikely that anything will arrive in time if ordered after the 16th December. In the UK, first class mail should still reach you as long as its dispatched by Thursday 21st December at the very latest.
As Mr Slayer doesn't do Black Friday - we are doing a Black BPN special instead, and as Black BPN's are notoriously deadly.. everybody whom places an order between now and Xmas will get a FREE Colin 30mm Objective Marker added to their order as a good luck token. If you spend over £50 you'll also get a Shotgun sprue (on a Black BPN, you'll need them.. they are also available on the Online Store now). If thats not enough.. if you use the code;
You'll get 10% off of your order! All that, and our commitment to ship your order out before Xmas! 
We have a lot of exciting things happening to both SLA and CS1 in 2018, and look forward to sharing them with all of you! Until then,
Now I got into this Kickstarter because I loved the Role Playing Game for the 90s, the atmosphere, the background and the artwork, so I had high expectations for this as the chaps that has doe this figure game looked as infused about SLA Industries as I was, and I jumped into the Kickstarter. It all started well, figures coming out to support the rules, beta rules to play with, I even got involved in demoing the game and all seemed to be going well. But then problems started, they started not doing updates either on there Facebook page or on they kickstarter page, no new figures or product created and released, and no communications about what was happening. As it turns out they were having differences, they spent a lot of money of getting some books printed and the printer was a scam leaving them financial with a big hole.

Now seeing the writing on the wall and having no confidence in there ability in being this game to the table I requested a refund of my Kickstarter pledge. For three weeks I kept messaging them and no reply and them I got a simple reply politely saying No but no reason and a request for the reason was ignored. This was okay as it is a Kickstarter and there is an element of risk included but I thought an explanation as to why would of been nice.

I had the Cannibals on Pre Order on 7 March this year under the impression that they would be done relatively quickly in accordance to their aims.
"RRP on this lot would be approx £70 or so, so the £50 deal is a bargain!
- we estimate that its likely to take perhaps 2-3 months to fund, render and produce these miniatures. This is an estimate only and we can't confirm this until we know how quickly these 50 sets sell out. This means, if all goes well - delivery in June. 
We are producing the Cannibals this way as they are, logistically and cost wise, the biggest single undertaking yet. There are 5 separate and distinct model types in the Cannibals lineup and every 1 of them needs a master render and 1-3 alts... thats a big project and has a correspondingly bigger cost and time implication. Once we get to 20 orders pre sold we will instruct the 3d Sculptor to begin rendering, and then when we hit 50 they can 3d print and commence manufacturing / casting. 
Please note - all going well, we may commission more sculpts of the Pigs post release to give your Angry bacon a bit of variety, and Dave also has 1 or 2 other miniatures in mind for the Cannibals.. but those are for "later". 
All of these Cannibals Clans will be in resin, we will look at making metal versions once we have the pre releases out but the alt. Jordie will never be made in metal, he'll only have 50 casts (maybe 1 or 2 extra for Dave and the Daruma staff) and those will be in resin, after which he is archived for eternity. 
Thank you very much to those of you whom back us, Mr Slayer would be proud of you (if you weren't helping expand the Cannibal Clans that is.. ) - now lets see how fast we can make these guys happen?"
Now thinking it was June and their was excitement around SLA I Pre-Ordered them as to help get this off the ground, to date still nothing. Some of the Cannibals have been done and are even on sell but I am still waiting for them with no real idea as to when they will be done. In fact one of the figures is being given away now, which annoys me somewhat. So I requested a refund of this order on 18 November to their Store email and no reply. Since then I have followed this request which is covered under their terms and conditions and still nothing. I though I would politely nudge them on their Facebook page about replying to my email and refunding my pre-order and kickstarter to me and though I got a reply asking what they can do to help, still nothing.

So what is the point to this rant, especially as I haven't posted for ages, well its two fold. Firstly to get this affair out of my system, its very annoying when companies cannot live up to them own standards and terms and conditions and the second reason it to frankly warn other gamers that Daruma Productions though they produce some very nice products for SLA Industries they are not very good at naive at best to the ways of the industries, being ripped off at least twice this year, to incompetent. Also they customer service is slow and will could be waiting a long time for a reply to simple questions. As for me I am still waiting for my request of the pre-order and guess will be for a few weeks longer.

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