Monday, 11 December 2017

English Militia for Blood and Plunder, WIP

I have fallen in love with Blood and Plunder which means I have got into 17th/18th century wargaming, golly gosh. Well what was not to like as it is a Pirate game and the rules are jolly good too. I have two forces at the moment, the French and the English, with another one coming soon, the Spanish. Blood and Plunder is set at the start of Piracy about 1660s to 1690s and you can fight on land or at sea using the same rules. The ships are amazing and I will say more about them in a further post.

So I have started my final unit of English Militia with an officer. I think the green might be a little too bright but we will wait and see. As I get closer to finishing my last English Militia unit for Blood and Plunder and I'm happy with the results so far. Just the highlighting to do and then it's the Frigate. The uniform of the English Milita is based on the Coldstream Guards in Tangiers.

I have painted these chaps using the Army Painter method of block colours and dip, actually Strong Tone wash, as I want them on the table quickly and the finished results aren't that bad.

Until next time have a nice day


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