Monday, 12 February 2018

Blood and Plunder at Red on Blue in Nottingham

As the title says, yesterday, Sunday 11th February, I took my Blood and Plunder demo game to Red on Blue in Nottingham with the help of the Leicester Phat Cats and Lee Upton, who spent the day dressed as a Pirate. It was the very first time I had been the show, which is in its second year and though a small show it the a lovely atmosphere and was well supported by some of the big names in the business, most of whom live in and around Nottingham.

The show had a good number of traders and a fair number of games on shows ranging for Second World War games, Gangs of Rome, Gates of Antares, 30 and 40K games, a huge and I mean huge Kings of Wars and of course my Blood and Plunder. If fact the Leicester Phat Cats had three games on including Blood and Plunder, a 30K Horus Hersey demo games and a Beyond the Gates of Antares demo game.

My Blood and Plunder game was a dimple introduction game where each side had a couple of units and a commander in there forces. The scenario is the English village has come under an attack by the French as the French go for a land grab and the English try and defend it from them. The game is set around 1650s to 1660s so you have a mix of old and new for the time. We ran a few demo games and everyone who played enjoyed themselves with a couple coming back for more. The nice thing about the rules is that they are simple and after a couple of turns most people had picked up the rules and where playing with any help. Everyone seemed to enjoy it which was the main thing.

Thats all from me but to say I liked the show and will be back again as I enjoyed it and had a good day. Next post we had about Gangs of Rome.

Have a nice day.


Saturday, 3 February 2018

Blood and Plunder Day and Gangs of Rome at Boards and Swords

Well the demo day for Blood and Plunder went well, actually a lot better than I expected to tell the truth, it being opening day, in a part of Derby that I didnt know at all. Well after finding the place, which is just outside of the town centre just off the busy ring road, it looked like a very nice venue with that just open, new look to it. The owners are really helpful and friendly gamers and  I wish all the best with the store.

There was a lot of interest in the game, not surprised its Pirates, people loved the ships and the board, and few had demo games too. Nicely I was surprised by who was interested in the game, thinking it would of been mainly wargamers, especially historical gamers, but actually a lot of role players seemed to enjoy it too.

Also on the day the chaps from War Banner and Footsore UK along with some chaps from Sarissa Precision where there demoing Gangs of Rome too. Again lovely chaps and I had a quick game of it and I have to say, fast, brutal and total fun, well worth playing, more on Gangs of Rome soon.

So here are a few pictures for the day.

Blood and Plunder

Gangs of Rome

Have a nice day

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