Saturday, 3 February 2018

Blood and Plunder Day and Gangs of Rome at Boards and Swords

Well the demo day for Blood and Plunder went well, actually a lot better than I expected to tell the truth, it being opening day, in a part of Derby that I didnt know at all. Well after finding the place, which is just outside of the town centre just off the busy ring road, it looked like a very nice venue with that just open, new look to it. The owners are really helpful and friendly gamers and  I wish all the best with the store.

There was a lot of interest in the game, not surprised its Pirates, people loved the ships and the board, and few had demo games too. Nicely I was surprised by who was interested in the game, thinking it would of been mainly wargamers, especially historical gamers, but actually a lot of role players seemed to enjoy it too.

Also on the day the chaps from War Banner and Footsore UK along with some chaps from Sarissa Precision where there demoing Gangs of Rome too. Again lovely chaps and I had a quick game of it and I have to say, fast, brutal and total fun, well worth playing, more on Gangs of Rome soon.

So here are a few pictures for the day.

Blood and Plunder

Gangs of Rome

Have a nice day



  1. I love those Pirates!!Beautiful and colorful!

  2. Atmospheric and wonderful pictures!

    1. Thanks there I agree with you and I was lucky with the pictures

  3. Thanks for the pics. That Gangs of Rome table looks fantastic!

  4. Looks stunning, as usual. Both games are interesting, but I fear I have too many projects on the boil right now.

  5. Fantastic stuff once again... :-)


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