Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Building Rome for Gangs of Rome

I’ve completed my second of the buildings that are being built buildings for Gangs of Rome and I’m rather enjoying them as the formula I got for painting them works rather nicely. 

As I’m getting close to finishing off my building for Gangs of Rome, just one to go before I get more, I need more buildings, I’m addicted, I thought I show you how I do my buildings. Firstly I spray the whole thing with red car primer and then once dried, after about an hour I apply masking tape to the lower half of the building to get that Roman look.

Then I gently spray white car primer over the building but do not aim to get a clean white surface but rather an uneven surface with the base red paint showing through. I achieve this but spray from arms length going slowly down the length of the building. Then peel off the masking tape once the white paint as dried.

Next I paint any brickwork the same or nearest colour to the red primer, I use Vallejo’s Model Colour Saddle Brown for this and then drybrush a lighter tone, I use Vallejo’s Game Colour Tan, for highlights to the brickwork.

I then base colour all the woodwork black using a spray for ease, then paint the wood with a dark brown, I’m using household paint, the little tester pots, like a drybrush but with more paint on it. Next dry brush a little brown over it to then a very light brown, I use Vallejo’s Model Colour Dark Flesh, for the final highlights.

The next stage I use a very watered down wash of Black Glaze, so it looks like dirty water, and wash it over the whole building with a large flat brush, as this creates the run marks natural and you can turn the brush to narrow the effect and create darker running.

The paint spills on the wooden boards are created by using a toothbrush and dabbing and dragging the paint and to get the thin paint look simply add a little water to the paint and paint it on and wipe the excess out.

I hope you like them.

Have a nice day.



  1. You have a winning formula there Pete, that looks amazing!

  2. Lovely stuff, PK! All you need is a caupona or popina for the toughs to hang out in, stuffing their faces with olives as they look for trouble.

  3. This looks brilliant. Thanks for the step by step shots as well.


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