Sunday, 9 September 2018

ChillCon Derby and Me

Hey Guys, I am demoing Very British Civil War at Chillcon Derby on 22nd September, at Allestree Woodlands School, Allestree, Derby and this is the plot for the game. I am using my Gangs of Rome buildings as a film set hence with it is on here. If could think of a way to get Dark Age and Samurais into this demo I would and have the complete Footsore range, lol.

Here is the battle map

Chillcon details here

Have a nice Day 


Gangs of Rome: Some Figures

Its been a little while but I have been working away in the background as well as another project or two. Another here are some of my painted Citizens of Rome.

Have a nice day


Gangs of Rome: Another Semi

Sitting here at home I spent a little time painting the next Roman building and waiting for it to dry before weathering it. I’ve gone for another building with colour to it, this time a more subdued look for the building and traders. I rather like the colours and again it is household paints and sprays.

This time I sprayed the building Crystal Blue from Army Painter and then oversprayed white over the blue, making sure the blue showed through. Next I painted the yellow using Wilko’s tester pots, quite weakly as I wanted that worn look and then painted the green, again using Wilko’s tester pots.

A Finished Semi

Rome looks much better with a bit of colour and this semi detached show it off. Fully weathered and finished, now it is back to the mobs Is it me or is it starting to look more like Plebs?

Have I nice day


Gangs of Rome: New Buildings

With the new Roman buildings built now it’s the fun part, the painting and this time with colour. Guess which one is going to be a knocking shop by its colour?

The Knocking Shop

The Roman knocking shop is coming along nicely and I’m getting the base colours down before the weathering stage. I have to say I’m very chuffed with the colour combination and I think watching Plebs is influencing me no end. This is going to stand out against my other “typical” Roman buildings of white and red.

All the painted work for the knocking shop is done and now to weather and give it that lived in look. Does anyone know the Latin for Knocking Shop? I have Domus Voluptati which is House of Pleasure or maybe Domus Amet, House of Fun.

I’ve started weathering the building with a watery black wash, trying to get that rained on look with the grimey dark runs, getting ready for the highlighting stage and I’ve forgotten to put the name on.

Just wanted to see if it fits in or jars with the rest of my buildings and I think it fits. I realised now that adding the colour is great fun and really takes the buildings to the next level.

I have names the place Domus Amet, House of Fun and Domus Voluptati, House of Pleasure.

The only down side is I now have tons of tester pots as these and sprays are so good for painting MDF/HDF buildings. I cannot recommend this enough for terrain building.

Have a nice day


Gangs of Rome: The Start of The Gangs

Welcome, Dominus, to Gangs of Rome! Gather your Fighters and equip them well; your bloody journey begins now.

In Gangs of Rome you will use your unique fighters, pitting them against the gangs of rival Domini in both campaign and scenario play to earn influence enough to manipulate your way into the Senate. Then, as a Senator of Rome, you will be granted the power to destroy your enemies with methods far greater than the sword.

So hold on to your sandals and watch your back, Dominus…
…things are about to get bloody!

So lets start with the gangs

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