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What can I say? Well I guess welcome my friends to PanzerKaput's Painted Review a blog about my painted world of the 1930s, my illustrations, my modelling and my wargaming. There is also the odd rant or two as way but they are far and few between.

So let me introduce myself, |my name is PanzerKaput, well it is actually Pete but most people call me PK and I have been an on and off wargamer for thirty years. I enjoy mainly skirmish level games and 1938 A Very British Civil War mostly. In fact so much so that I became the illustrator for it and have even written some stuff for it too. The is actually something about the pre Second World War world that I like and the rather the idea of game that combines the best plays of gentlemanship, sports, Jeeves and Wooster, politics and having jolly good fun in a believable alternative history of where Edward VIII didn't abdicate, married Mrs Simpson and the crisis that it caused.

Also I am an illustrator and from time to time these appear on the blog. In fact as I have said already I an the chap who illustrate the Very British Civil War books and it has been my pleasure to do this for the last few years. Also I like other historical periods as well and these will pop up every now and then as well as other stuff that I am working on.

But mainly I hope you enjoy this blog.



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