A Very British Civil War in Leicester, The Campaign

The Duke of Rutland, Lord Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet

Lord Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet, is the 10th Duke of Rutland, personal friend to King Edward VIII and loyal supporter of him and Mosley’s Government. The Duke is a member of the King’s Inner Circle after arranging secret meetings between The King and then Mrs Simpson just outside of Leicester at Ingarsby Hall, before the war started. The Duke is a member of the British Union of Fascists holding the rank of Staff Officer 4, District Inspecting Officer. He has personally raised his own company of BUF troopers, The Duke of Rutland’s Own BUF, which is semi-independent, but is part of the BUF Legion VI “Ironsides” and is part of Severn Valley and Midlands Division regional command. He is one of the more capable Royalist commanders in the East, mainly fighting around Leicester, trying up the Socialist forces in the city, but also he has held commands in East Anglian and Lincolnshire.

The Duke is a rather ambitious man, seeing his way to advance his social standing by standing loyal to the King and to the King’s Government. He is a rather capable commander, even though he has had little actually military experience, mainly gained from his command of the Rutlandshire Territorials and Yeomanry. He is a gifted leader, with good interpersonal skills and a likable personality, but he does suffer from a bit of vanity and he does like to socialise more than perform his civic duties. However, people do like him and he is perceived as being a man of the people and rather like the King.

A part of the Dukes success he small group of commanders that he has around him, in which he give them freedom to carry out The Royalists plans, though at times this does bring him into conflict with them but he has the good sense to never sack again of them.

His motto Deo et Regi Fidelis, Loyal to God and King, and happily uses the symbols, history and legend of Richard III to help unify and installed pride in his forces.

The Battle of Tywford, the Leicester Campaign Carries on.

After the capture of Thorpe Satchville by the Leicester Socialist Council forces this lead to a bugle into the Duke of Rutlands lines and the Melton Command see this quickly sort to exploit this and Race to capture the village of Twyford with the aim of forcing the LSC to withdrawing from the area. So gathering his forces together and Melton commander raced forward with his crack troops causing the LSC to bring up reinforcements from the city.

The Dukes forces, already having the jump of the LSC forces race towards the village with the aim of capturing the Church in the centre of the village and use this as the cornerstone of their defence. The Dukes forces started to invest the village while the elite Miners from Coalville race forward in the vanguard of the LSC to try and take the church from the Melton boys but the Melton Lads where too quick and got to the church first and took up positions in there.

The Coalville Miners trying to take the Church from the Duke's men.

The Dukes Armoured Support advancing towards the village with the Melton Rangers in tow

The Duke's main force rushing to support their comrades in the Church

With a firefight starting with the Melton Assault troops in the church and the Coalville Miners the LSC support was slow in coming and the miners felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of attention that they were received but dug in taking advantage of the cover of the hedge while the home made tank, The Molly O'Grady, slowly made its way up the road toward the church with the aim to support of the miners. Thomas Paget with his chums of Humberstone Hall advanced toward the village covered by the tank with the aim of outflanking the Melton boys in the Church. In the meantime the Duke's forces hung onto the Church as more of the troops rushed to support them.

The Coalville Miners finding cover as the Melton Assault troops open fire on them

The Melton Assault troops defending the Church

The Molly O'Grady and the Humbersone Hall section advance to the village

The LSC and Melton sniper teams go to work firing at each other.

The Melton Armoured Car and Melton Rangers fire upon the LSC sniper team.

The Duke's Melton Militias rush to support they chums at the Church

Now the Coalville Miners advanced over the Church's hedges to find cover in the shadow of the Church as the fire from the Melton Assault troops was proving to be excessive and the LSC's Croydon Crusher arrived on the scene to pour supporting fire at the Church along was Molly O'Grady but still the Duke's lads held on in the Church. The Dukes troops carried on with there advance taking positions and pouring fire onto the LSC troops.

The Coalville Miners finding cover by the Church

The LSC advance toward the Church slowly was the Molly O'Grady firing on the Melton Lads in the Church to little effect.

The LSC's Croydon Crusher arrives and fires on the Church too.

The Melton Militia advances while the Melton sniper fires of the LSC sniper.

An aerial view of the action around the Church

Now some more of the LSC reinforcements slowly made its way onto the table taking to take the Church and relieving the Miners who has been the subject and a lot of unwelcomed fire now for a while and this was starting to take it toll on them. The Melton Rangers where getting themselves into a position to bring the full might of their firepower upon the Miners and clear them from the Church once and for all. With the Melton sniper and armoured car adding to the firepower. The Miner soon from that the numbers of casualties where mounting and soon the where laying around dead or wounded and took no further part in the action. At this point it looked like the Melton forces where going to gain the advance and hold the Church.

The Molly O'Grady carried on pouring firing onto the church as the Humberstone Hall section tried to outflank the Church

The Melton Rangers advancing towards the Miners supported by the Melton Armoured Car

The Coalville Miners trying to hold on the ground they have gained.

The Humberstone Militia Village Section advance towards the Church

The second platoon of Melton Rangers rush to stop the outflanking move by the LSC

The Melton Militia move to outflank the Miners

The Melton Rangers finish off the Coalville Miners

More reinforcements for the LSC in the form of the Farmworkers Section of the Humberstone Militia finally make there way toward Church in support of the Village Section who had advanced to the hedges of the Church. Again this was supported by the Molly O'Grady after the loss of the LSC's Croydon Crusher to Melton fire. Now the Dukes forces advanced on the LSC forces in the centre in an attempt to crush them once but this had lost the support of the sniper who had finally been turned out by the LSC sniper. Still the Dukes forces on the other flank had stopped the advance of the Humberstone Hall section as it tried to make its way towards the Church. Still the advantage was with the Duke's men and they had a strong hold on the village.

The Humberstone Militia Farmworkers section find cover in a wheatfield while advancing toward the Church.

The first section of the Melton Rangers advance to find cover

The Humberstone Militia Village Section makes their way to the Churchyard hedges while coming under fire from the Melton Assault troops

The Humberstone Hall section are reduced in numbers from the fire of the Melton Rangers but still hold the flank of the Church

Now the Melton forces make their major push to force the LSC forces away from the Church. However the combined effects of the LSC force on the Melton Assault troops in the Church had cause them to keep their heads down, pinning them in the Church so much so that they were unable to return fire at the LSC forces. However with the Duke's forces flanking around the Church causing the LSC troops to be in great peril.

The Melton Militia flanking around the Church to fire upon the LSC forces gather in front of it.

The first section of the Melton Rangers suffer casualties from the sniper and the Farmworkers

The second section of the Melton Rangers firing at the Humberstone Hall troops

The Melton Assault troops in the Church pinned by fire from the LSC forces

The Village section and the Molly O'Grady pinning the Melton lads in the Church

The Molly O'Grady supporting the Village Section with fire into the Church.

Now the Melton Armoured Car broke into the field to open fire upon LSC's Village section that was in front of the Church causing casualties among them. With the rest of the Melton left flank on the move and bringing down fire onto the LSC village section it looked like the section was going to break but the Molly O'Grady advanced to support them and to threaten the flank of the Church and to block a move by the Melton Rangers and the Melton Greens. With no one in full control of the village both forces limped off the battlefield but the Melton forces could claim a minor victory as it still held the Church and the most of the village still but could not capitalise on the advance.

The Melton Armoured Car out flanks the Village section and cause casualties amongst them

The Humberstone Militia Village Section taking fire from the Duke's forces.

The Dukes forces on the left flank pouring fire onto the LSC Village section

The Melton Rangers and the Melton Greens checked by Molly O'Grady

Stalemate at the Church

The Melton's force finishing positions commanding the left flank

Now this brings an end to this front of the Leicester campaign with minor gains for the LSC, who now have an effective bridgehead to try and launch further attacks in the area around Melton a little later in the year. Now the action moves to the south of the County.

Map of the area fought over in the last few battles.

Close up of the are of the battles

The Battle of Thorpe Satchville, Leicester Campaign or Catch That Dog

Early in the morning forces were mobilised but both the Duke of Rutland's forces and the Leicester Socialist City County to get a secret package that had just come to the attention of them in the village of Thorpe Satchville. This package is of vital importances that both sides need or both sides should not have, so as the whereabouts suddenly came to light the roar of engines and the stamping of feet could be heard in the morning air around the village.

The heroic forces of the LSCC, flushed from victory of the previous victory at Carington Coppice moved upon the target and the secret package which was visible in the field in front of the village but the Duke's Melton forces very cleverly drove a force up the road to capture it, leaped out of the Walkers Crisp van and over the wall to secure the package for which the Duke would be very happy with.

The Humberstone Scouts advance taking care to secure the LSCC flank with the Croydon Crusher taking position to pour fire on the Dukes brave men.

The LSCC brings up the Big Guns from the City's arsenal named Dicko

The Leicestershire taking on positions in the wheat fields to remove the enamy from the target package.

The Dukes men of the Melton Ranges go in to secure the package and try and control it

The Melton Section advance into Thorpe Satchville ready to receive and defend the package

More of the Melton Boys advancing into the village

Yet more of the Duke's fine chaps advancing towards the village

Slowly the LSCC advance down the roads and throw the fields and lay down a fire base on the Duke's brave team that tried to capture the package, a prized bitch that the Duke wanted to breed with his own Bulldog. But sadly for the chaps from Melton this proved a task to far and the found themselves cut to pieces but the combined fire power of the LSCC. However this did not stop the Melton artillery opening fire upon the Humberstone Scouts, missing but them but shocking none the less.

The LSCC pouring fire on the Melton Rangers and finishing them off, leaving the prized dog in the field on its own.

The LSCC artillery started its firing on the Melton Assault troops with the Melton Armoured Car engaging the LSCC Vickers tank.

The Melton Militia's Assault troops mass behind the wall with the package and prize in front of them while being supported by the Melton Armoured Car

The second section of the Melton assault troops mass poised to take the bitch

More of the Duke's Melton Rangers rushing forward to take positions to cover the prize.

The villains for firing upon the Humberstone Scouts according to the Leicester City press

The Dukes forces advancing through Thorpe Satchville

The lovely village of Thorpe Satchville with the Dukes forces taking advance of the cover

Again the Melton artillery fired upon the Humberstone Scouts but this time there were answered from the Vickers MG of the Croydon Crusher and the Humberstone Sniper team, which actually missed the target. Meanwhile in the centre of the field the Melton boys poured heavy fire into the Leicestershire in the wheat fields causing heavy casualties to them and the Melton Armoured Car and the LSCC Vickers tanks carried on firing at each other with little or no effect.

The Humberstone Scouts taking fire from the Melton Artillery with the Croydon Crusher and the Humberstone snipers firing at the artillery in return.

The Humberstone Shoeworker's Section pour fire onto the Melton Assault troops with the Leicestershires taking Heavy casualties

The Dukes men suffering from the effects of the heavy fire from the Leicestershires, Shoeworkers and the LSCC mortar

Civic pride at its best with Dicko advancing across the field

The Melton Armoured Car changing its target and pouring its fire onto the Leicestershires

The Melton Command supporting its troops in the field

The Melton Artillery suffering the effects of sniper and MMG fire

Not all of the Duke's forces are as brave as the others as these shirkers prove

Now the Croydon Crusher moves into position and out flanks the Dukes troops behind the wall and pours death into them while a Melton sniper takes a pot shot at the Crusher with no effect. the rest of the LSCC carries on firing at the Melton chaps behind the wall and the weight of fire starts to take its tolls on them.

The Croydon Crusher Outflanking the Duke's men and pour fire onto them while being shot at but a sniper.

The Melton Rangers taking casualties from the Croydon Crusher

The brave Humberstone Scouts firing on the Duke's lad in the centre

The pride of the city with the Humberstone command behind it giving support to the LSCC chaps.

The Dukes lads suffering but holding there own

The LSCC Mortar spotter directing fire onto the Melton Boys

The Duke's Armoured Car trying to turn the red tide and slowing down the LSCC advance to get the prize.

Now the Duke tried again to capture the prize but again the same effects as before with more brave lads lying dead or wounded in the field but at least they were trying to get the prize bitch for the Duke. But with the sniper now being taking out by the Humberstone sniper and the artillery gone it was getting more and more let the last throw of the dice. However they were stopping the LSCC from getting the prize too so in a way it was still in their hands to win the prize.

The Humberstone Trench Catapult causing took causalities to the Duke's men

The Melton Command throws it the Melton Greens into the fight.

But still they prefer hiding from the Croydon Crusher

The brave men of the Melton Assault section still try and hold up the Red tide rushing towards them

The Humberstone Command led by Les Mitchelmore rushes forward to capture the bitch while coming under fire from the Melton Boys.

The Duke's Armoured Car open fires on the Humberstone Command but misses

Now with the prize in the hands of the Humberstone Militia the rest of the LSCC force fan out to protect their commander from the attentions of the Melton chaps. Les Mitchelmore runs lie crazy to the safety of his troops and the rear but half way across the field the Melton Armoured Car hits the Standard Bearer cutting in half with a 20mm shell which causes Les to stop and be more than a little shocked seeing his friend being killed in such a way and the bitch breaks from his hands and runs off. The rush of the Melton forces come under the full attentions of the LSCC seeing them off the field and leaving Thorpe Satchville in their hands but the objective was not meet for either sides and all limp off to lick their wounds.

The Humberstone Village Section move to support their command

The Croydon Crusher firing at the Melton Greens to no effect

The whole left flank of the LSCC advance on the Melton Greens while the Walker Crisp Van moves to provide cover for them.

The Humberstone Scouts rush to the cover of the wall

The Village Section provide cover for the Humberstone Command but it is too late as the standard bearer bites it.

The Scouts at the wall and near the pub

All too late as finally Dicko knocks out the Melton Armoured Car

The Melton Greens and the Melton Command still on the battlefield but slowly retreating off it.

It was a very enjoyable game of bolt action with the scenario being played was Top Secret. I have to express again my thanks to Leics_Gamer for a great game and it ended up in a draw as neither of us could get the package, dog, off the table.

The Battle Of Carington Coppice, the Leicestershire Campaign Continues

Yes there has been more fighting in Leicestershire and here is the latest report.

Following the capture and defeat of the Duke of Rutlands forces at Ashby Folville by the Socialist Council of the City of Leicester, SCCL, the plan was to advance up the road to Carington Coppice to capture the important crossroads there where the SCCL forces could threaten all the Duke's assets and forces in the area. With this is mind the SCCL entrusted 2nd Lt Stan Cunningham, Leics Regt, to advance in a threatening manner to take and hold the vital crossroads and surrounding area.

However the Duke's forces played a blinder and totally out manoeuvred the LCCL forces as they got the to Coppice and crossroads by coming up behind them forcing the LCCL to take defensive positions at the crossroads and defend it from the Dukes forces. Now the lay of the land was a strong defensive position but the Dukes troops had good cover from the farm field and the crops in them. The Duke sent up his Armoured Cars up the road to cover and support the troops in the Walkers Crisp Van, and fanned out his other troops across the farm fields. The LCCL spread across the hedges and Coppice and placed they Armoured Car at the crossroad to reply any attacks and had the Post Office Rocket Rocket Battery place on the right flank to protect against any attacks from there.

The Dukes Armoured Cars Advance up the road firing on the LCCL's Armoured Car

The Leicester Yeomanry lay hidden behind Carington Coppice

The Duke's Assault troops come under fire from the Post Office Rocket Battery and they hit with there first round.

The Leicestershire's take up defensive positions

The Duke's forces advance on the Crossroads with their boys for the Leicestershire leading the way

The Duke's Armoured Cars firing on the crossroads and the LCCL's Armoured Car

As the Dukes forces advanced up the road towards the crossroads they managed to pinned the LCCL's Armoured Car causing to to be taken out of the action at the time and denying the LCCL with valuable support. But the LCCL put up a stiff defence proving fire onto the Duke's Armoured Cars to no effect and finally the Leicester Yeomanry charges the Armoured Cars taking out one of them before retreating back behind the coppice. Meanwhile the Duke's forces advance up towards the coppice and a line of fences coming under firing from the LCCL forces.

The Leicester Yeomanry attack the Duke's Armoured Cars

The LCCL Leics pour fire onto the Walkers Van

The Duke's Leicestershire advance to the coppice and they Boys A/T rifle fires at the Armoured Car

The Leicester Yeomanry clearing the way

The Duke's Assault troops coming under fire from the LCCL's Shoeworkers

The Duke's Assault troops after taking heavy fire

The Post Office Rocket Battery firing on the Dukes troops as they cross the farm fields

The Duke's Leicestershires come out into the road to engage the defenders of the crossroads but find themselves in a crossfire from the Croydon Crusher and the LCCL's Leicestershires where fellow soldiers from the same regiment start firing upon each other for the first time, a sad moment in the regiment's history. The Dukes remaining Armoured Car, safe from LCCL fire engage the Leicester Yeomanry who have retreated to behind the coppice for cover and the Croydon Crusher comes under fire from the Duke's forces causing it to be pinned. The LCCL Leicestershires open fire into the Duke's Leicestershire causing them a number of casualties and the LCCL's Armoured Car fires at the Dukes Armoured Car but failed to cause any damage. Meanwhile the Duke's forces in the fields in the centre come under heavy fire for the PO Rocket Battery and a LCCL sniper starts to take its toll on the Dukes troops in the centre.

The Duke's Leicestershires attack the crossroads

The Dukes Armoured Car fires at the Leicester Yeomanry

LCCL Leicesterhires fire at the Duke's Leicestershires, a sad moment in the regiment's history.

LCCL's Armoured Car fires upon the Duke's Armoured Cars

The Duke's infantry suffering for the effects of Rocket and sniper fire.

The Duke's Assault troops pinned down in the field

LCCL's Rocket and Sniper teams at work

Now the Leicester Yeomanry charge once again in a "Death or Glory" charge, lances levelled in an attempt to take out the second of the Duke's Armoured cars and succeed in taking it out. With both the LCCLs and Duke's Leicestershires involved in a fierce firefight with each other until the Duke's Leicestershires break and leave the battlefield. With the weight of fire the LCCL pour on the Duke's centre, the Duke's Assault troops also break and leave the battlefield leaving the Duke's battled infantry to weather the LCCL's fire before they too retreat along with the Duke's command leaving the crossroads in the LCCL's hands.

Leicester Yeomanry charge again and take out the second Armoured Car

The LCCL's Leicestershires firefight with the Duke's Leicestershires

The Duke's Command retreating from the battlefield

The Shoeworkers forcing the Duke's Assault troops to break

The Duke's Infantry in the centre coming under very heavy fire

The LCCL's sniper and Post Office Rifles and Rocket team engaged in the centre

Another good game using Bolt Action rules and with bigger forces, this time 750 pts. Starting to get the hang of the rules now and liking the system. Gosh cavalry is deadly.

Battle of Ashby Folville

After the defeat of the People's Army of Socialist City of Leicester by the Duke of Rutland and the capture of Gaddesby the city was coming under a new threat from the Dukes forces. The Duke moved toward the village of Ashby Folville in an attempt to both secure resources from the local area and cut the supply lines to Nottingham for the city. However, the Socialists Council reacted to this threat and gaining intelligence of the attempt to village of Ashby Folville they moved forces to counter the move and take the village for the city's aims. Again the Duke used his trusted men from Melton Mowbray, the troops who had just defeated the Socialists forces at the Battle of Gaddesby and the Socialist's sent troops for the Anchor Boot and Shoe Co-operative Society, the Humberstone Scout Troop and the Farm workers of the Humberstone Militia.

The Setup

So the Socialist forces developed from the city side rushing in to take advantage of the cover provided by the hedges and walls surrounding the village with the forces of the Duke slowly making there way in from the Melton side and developing into the village The objective for both sides was to capture and hold the church of St Mary's, a good omen for the chaps from Humberstone as their parish church is of the same name.

The Humberstone Scout making good of the cover the hedges

The men of the Post office Rocket Team and the Humberstone Militia's Farmworkers Section also take advantage of the hedges

The Shoeworkers Section and MMG support of the Humberstone Militia look to secure the Farm House

The Assault troops of the Melton men move into position near the village.

The Dukes Armoured Car moves into the village itself

The Dukes BUF section moves into the church yard

With the Duke's men taking up position in the Churchyard the Socialist's Shoeworkers section advanced in the farm house to take advantage of the cover and to open fire on the BUF. This was supported by the Humberstone Militia's Support MMG providing covering fire and aided by the Post Office Rocket Team. The Humberstone Scout Troop dished across hedge and road to take up new positions in the hedges of the church. In the meantime the Farmworker's Section opened fire on the Assault troops as they crossed the field to close the gap on them. The Dukes artillery started to rain down on the Socialists MMG with the Armoured Car also pouring fire onto them. Meanwhile the BUF section fired at the Shoeworkers in the farm building to little effect.

Shoeworkers entering the Farm Cottage

Humberstone Scouts in the churchyard hedges

The Farmworkers Section firing on the Duke's Assault troops

Socialist Support coming under serious fire from the Duke's artillery and armoured car

The Duke's artillery firing

The Melton assault section taking advantage of the cover of the hedges

The Dukes Armoured Car and BUF section in the churchyard

The BUF section found itself in the middle of the churchyard and fired upon the Shoeworkers in the Farm House who in turn left the Farm House and advanced into better positions along the churchyard hedges and caught the BUF section in the open. The Humberstone Scouts then crossed over the churchyard and into the church itself and poured more fore onto the BUF, but a lucky hit from the Post Office Rocket team saw the church yard turn into a graveyard for the BUF men. The Duke's assault men and ladies poured fire onto the Farmworkers section causing a number of casualties among them and the Duke's artillery blew the Socialists Vicker's team away.

The BUF section in the church yard supported by the Armoured Car

The Shoeworkers section move into better positions and catch the BUF in the open.

The Humberstone Scouts take the church

The Melton Assault section pouring fire onto the Farmworkers

The Farmworkers taking casualties

Post Office Rocket team firing upon the Assault Troops.

The Shoeworkers section carried on firing into the BUF graveyard but still they stood until all of the laid dead and wounded in the graveyard. This left the Scouts in total control of the Church of St Marys' and took up defence positions and fired upon to no effect the Duke's Armoured Car who returned the favour. Now the Dukes Assault troops advanced out of their cover and destroyed the Farmworkers section and the Duke's artillery took out the Post Office Rocket team.

Shoeworkers section finishes off the BUF section

The Scouts fire upon the the Duke's Armoured Car

The Duke's Assault section finishes off the Farmworkers

The Duke's artillery destroys the Post office Rocket team

The Melton command move into cover

The Socialist commander moves up to the churchyard hedge to aid with support

Now the Duke's assault troops gather to make an assault on the church in an attempt to take the objective and the Duke's armoured car fires upon the Shoeworkers causing casualties among them but with the Socialist command then the Shoeworkers steady their nerve and firing on the assault section with supporting fire from the scouts and the assault fails and the assault section falls back to Melton. Leaving only the Dukes Armoured Car and artillery left to give battle the armoured car carries on firing at the shoeworkers and the artillery starts shell the scouts in the church. The Scouts in turn fire at the Armoured Car hitting it in its weak side armour and cause the vehicle to be crew to be stunned. Seeing this the Dukes command decides the battle is lost and make their way back the Melton using the walls of the village for cover and the battle is over with a victory for the Socialists.

The Scouts fire upon the Dukes Assault troops

The Dukes Armoured Car firing upon the Shoeworkers

Socialist firing upon the Duke's Armoured Car

The Duke's Armoured Car with its crew stunned

The Heroes of the day the Humberstone Scout Troop

The Dukes command retreating back to Melton Mowbray

Victory for the Humberstone Scouts and the Socialists

Again another good and enjoyable game with Leics_Gamer using the Bolt Action rules. We are getting into the rules now and finding them rather easy to use. The only thing I am not totally sure about and maybe you Bolt Action players might be able to help with is when shooting at a vehicle. Now the rules state that you have too have a Pen value to be able to damage a vehicle but if you are shooting on the side or rear you get a +1 or +2 bonus, so can rifles, LMGs and MMGs take out a Armoured Car?

The Battle of Gaddesby

Following the failed assault on the city of Leicester the Duke of Rutland's Royalists have fallen back, rapidly, to the defensive lines and Loyalist heartland around Melton Mowbray, Rutland and the Vale of Belvoir (pronounced Beaver). This meant the forces of the Socialist Council of Leicester took advantage of the chaotic situation and took back the lost village of Houghton on the Hill but stayed there as the support lines to the city could be threaten by Lord Quenby's forces from Quenby Hall. So the Council ordered forces to move out in the northerly direction to scout the area in and around Melton Mowbray looking for contact with the Dukes forces. Meanwhile the Duke's forces are patrolling the area around Melton Mowbray and at the village of Gaddesby the two forces bump into each other.

The map of the Gaddesby

It was a cloudy overcast morning when a forward patrol of the Leicester City Socialist Council was scouting the area around the village of Gaddesby searching for supplies and the Duke of Rutland's forces bumped into the Duke's forces. The Duke's forces where already in the village and set up ready to meet the Socialists, taking up very good positions in and around the village and prepared themselves for the Socialist patrol. The Socialists led by the Humberstone Militia and regulars of the Leicestershire Regiment advanced toward the village and the Dukes forces placed within, confident in another victory for the Socialist cause and to give the Duke again bloody nose. The Dukes forces forces after the crushing defeat at the gates of Leicester though fighting on "home" ground with happy and confident that they could carry the day and to some way to avenge the defeat at Leicester.

Now the Leicester Socialist's came in from the west of the village across the farm fields after leaving there transport behind down the road and advanced towards Gaddesby on a board front with the Leicsestershire and a Armoured Car on the left flank and the Humberstone Militia taking the right and centre. But as soon as the Dukes force saw this the moved their assault section toward the Leicestershire with support for their Armoured Car and a veteran BUF militia in the centre and the Leciestershires soon fround the going very hard with casualties starting to mount to took the only sensible coarse of action of finding cover behind some hedges. In the meantime Humberstone Militia Command under Sir Maurice Levey-Paget MP, 2nd Baronet Humberstone, steward John Borrows, an ex Great War Veteran with loads of medals but no experience of modern warfare with Sir Maurice's son, Thomas and friends advanced to use the cover of the field walls and try and engage the Duke's centre and relieve some of the fire that was pouring down on the Leicestershire. The Village Section of the Humberstone Militia run to the hedges that lined the road in an attempt to get into the Duke's forces rear and threaten the Duke's artillery that was firing from there.

View from the Duke's lines of the Socialist advance

The Duke's forces coming out to take of the Leicestershires.

View of the Socialist's advance

Soon the casualties really start to mount up for the Leicestershires forcing them to keep their heads down under such heavy firing the Socialist's Armoured Car doing very little to stop the volume of firing from the Dukes assault troops. Things where starting to bad for the Leicestershires and good for the Duke. In the meantime Thomas Paget's section and the steward, John Barrows, had managed to across the wall in the field and started to take up defensive positions to defend themselves from the Duke's chaps. In the meantime The Duke carried on shelling the Leicestershires and the Humberstone Militia, Village section started to cross the hedges and advance across the road.

The Leicestershire hiding behind the hedge with their heads well down

Thomas Paget and friends with the John Borrows and the Humberstone Militia banner taking up positions in a enclosed field.

The Duke of Rutland's glorious assault section pouring fire onto the Leicestershires

The Duke's veteran BUF Militia opening firing on the Thomas Pagets men.

The Duke's Rolls Royce Armoured Car opening firing on the Leicestershires.

The Humberstone Militia Village Section advancing across the road
Then the Duke's assault troops assaulting the Leicestershires and they took flight and run back to the transport and then the Duke's assault troops turned left to attack Thomas Paget's men with a short range firefight occurred aimed by the BUF Militia and the Armoured Car they too started to take casualties. Meanwhile the Humberstone Village section decided to run across the open ground to the cover of a wheat field but forgot the hedge that was in there way and managed only to move down the road a little.

The Duke's BUF Militia and Command firing on Thomas Pagets section.

The Duke's assault troops preparing to attack the Leicestershires.

The Duke's assault troops in a firefight with Thomas Paget's section

The Duke's assault troops pouring firing on Thomas Paget's section

But the Thomas Paget section being behind a wall and with support from the Socialist's Armoured Car cut to piecing the assault troops and started a heroic defence of the enclosed field but with the combined firing of the BUF Militia, the Duke's Armoured Car and the the Duke's artillery they slowly found their numbering reducing and then their broke and run leaving John Barrows and the banner man, the Armoured Car and the village section trying to fight the Duke's force off. The Village section tried to advance across a field to behind a farm cottage to get some cover, but where caught out in the open and where cut to pieces but they still stayed there under more fire was poured onto them when they too broke and ran. At this point fearing that the Humberstone Militias Colours where going to be captured John Borrows fun to safety of the vehicles and the Socialist's Armoured Car beaten a retreat. A Good Day for the Duke of Rutland's forces in checking an Socialist advance, holding the village of Gaddesby and making the Socialists think again.

BUF Militia pour heavy fire on the Socialists

The Duke's Armoured Car opening fire on the Humberstone Militia Village Section

The Socialists Militia's Armoured Car trying firing at the Duke's forces.

John Borrows and the Humberstone Militias Colours in the thick on it just before running away

All what was left of the Humberstone Militia, Village Section

The Victorious Dukes Command

It was a good game using Warlord's Bolt Action rules and Pappa Midnight extras and it was very enjoyable. It was the first time I played these and I have to say that they are a rather nice set of rules and give a good fun game. We actually played the Envelopment scenario from the book. Thanks Leics_Gamer for such a good game and well done on the victory, until next time, lol.

A Fine Day Out, Hands off my Richard! and More Goings on in Leicestershire.

The Battle of Wymonham

The Very British Civil War game, Hands Off My Richard!, now I am sure there is a film in that title somewhere, lol. Well in the lovely village of Wymonham near Melton Mowbray some men stop off at the Red Lion for a bit to eat and drink and park there trucks outside of the pub and go in. Now one of the locals having heard about the theft of the Richard III statue from Leicester by some chaps in "northern accents" puts two and two together and calls the number in the report to say that he might of found the statue. The City of Leicester says can you slow them up and he lets all the tyres on the vehicles. In the meantime his wife tells the Local Defence Volunteers and they set road blocks on all the roads out of the village and the telephone operator, who "accidentally" listened in on the call to the council in Leicester reported this to the Duke of Rutland. Now the scene is set.

Now the The Duke of Rutland chaps came rushing down the road from the west to find a road block blocking there way and the Anglican League allies of the City of Leicester from Laude Abbey entering cross county from the east and made their way to a farm on the north side of the village. The Local Defence Volunteers gathered to the north of the village and made their way to the village and the Albertines happily enjoyed their pints of Everade ale until a voice from outside shouted to give themselves up as there are surrounded and went outside, some still with their pints in hand and found that the tyres on the trucks had been let down and started to pump them up and also noticed that one of the transports was missing and went to look for a truck. Now the LDV seeing the Duke BUF had stopped because of the road block when a Bally Hero ran forward and throw a grenade which amazingly landed on the top deck of the BUF bus killed the driver and disabling the vehicle. In the mean time the BUF cleared the road block and one of there Armoured trucks raced into the village and took the crossroads.

The Anglican League took the farm at the north of the village and one section moved to enter the village from the east end of it. Now the Albertines had got their tyres pumped up and realsing that the A! lay to the north had to turn their vehicles around and found a truck, a Hesh's Hosiery Lorry, to transport the rest of the troops off. One of the sections of the LDV got stick into a firefight with the BUF on the road with both sides taking advantage of the walls and hedges about while the other section and command moved towards the village and the Albertines. At this point some Ne'Do Wells came out of the farm and moved towards some cover and the Anglican league shouted "friend or for" and then an eagle eyed one noticed that the flag they were carrying had a BUF symbol on it and they opened fire on them. This unsurprisingly lead to a firefight between the and one of the sections of the Anglican League. These weasels try to get better cover, well better than being in the open and took up position behind a wall and returned fire which took out the LMG team of the Anglican League section but the Anglican League in turn raked the weasels as did the LDV. This lead to the weasels returning fire until it was down to the LMG team and they were too shaken to fire back.

Now the LDV carried on with there firefight with the BUF on the east road with both sides scoring casualties, but BUF coming worst off and the second second of the LDV when it way into the village and started to engage the BUF Armoured Truck but a quick burst of the the Lewis gun n the truck followed by it reversing into the LDV section saw and end to that. Now the Albertines had got their trucks turned around and started back up the road north towards the A1, but combined fire from the BUF in the centre of the village and the Anglican League section that had now entered the village from the east caused one of the trucks carrying the parts of the statue of Richard III to become disabled. Now the Albertines tried to force their way north but the Anglican League moved a steam truck behind the road block to further block the road forcing the Albertines off the road.

Now the Albertines came under a great amount of fire from all directions but mainly from the Anglican League and the weasels, who even with them at point blank range still could be hit a barn door, firing away and causing no casualties, maybe someone had switched there rounds with blanks and they didn't notice. As there was no way for the Albertines to transport the statue off the road, they just getting bogged down the decided the leave it and beat a firing retreat. This left the Anglican League claiming both he trucks with the statues in as both the BUF and LDV were in no position to argue with them and now the statue has made its way back to Laude Abbey.

Here are the chaps that were involved in the game and for making it such a great day. Cheers chaps.

VBCW at Partizan September 1st and Hands Off Our Richard

Yes its that time on year again and the second Partizan is shortly upon us and the Very British Civil Forum is putting on another Very British Civil War again. Here is the premise for the game.

Hands Off Our RichardIn the sleepy village of Wymonham some visits stop for refreshments at the Red Lion public house before going on their way. While enjoying the local Everard Ale a local has a look in their unguarded trucks and see tea chests and packages and wonders what they are. Over the local public radio a news report states:

“During the middle of the night some vandals and thieves have stolen the statue of Richard III for the Castle Park in Leicester just leaving a small note stating “He is OUR!!!”. Can the general public be on the lookout for a large man shaped object that is perceived to be covered and wrapped. The statue was ……………………..”

So the chap had another look and found that they were the missing statue and went back to tell his wife. Then he went to the phone box and called the Leicester City Council on the number that was given in the news report and they asked him to stall the visitors and they will send some people to collect it from there. So the bloke went back the Red Loin and let the air out of the tyres to stall the visitors from leaving.

However the telephone operator who put the call through listened to the call and then called The Duke of Rutland about this and the Dukes raised some of his forces to collect the statue.

In the meantime the wife of the local contracted the Local Defence Force Commander and he busied himself collecting together the volunteers together to collect the statue for themselves.

All this time the visitors, who had “northern” accents carried on their refreshments and readied themselves to leave just as the LDV and the others arrived on the scene.


Went the Day Well at Partizan

The Assault of Leicester

Well it is all finished and I have to say that I am at a bit of a loss on what to do as I have been living this game for the last six month, but to earth and the next project I guess, lol. But before that here is what happened.

After the recent successes for the Duke of Rutland and his Edwardite forces the day came for the attack on the city of Leicester and to drive the Socialists out of the area once and for all. It was a straightforward plan of attack the Duke had and that was an advance through the village of Evington and to capture the General Hospital which lies on the outskirts of the city itself. The Socialists had put up trench works in front of the city and out towards Evington and the surrounding area and put roadblocks on all the roads in preparation of the attack.

On the eve of the assault the Socialists instead of sitting in their trenches waiting for the Edwardites to come marching through decide that they would jump out of the trenches to the cries of the Internationale and the Red Flag and advanced to attack the Dukes forces. At the same time the Duke's forces advanced into the area to attack the Socialist positions around the Hospital.

The initial attack for the Duke's forces went well with the Laude Abbey Anglicans taking the full force of the Duke's attack. Some amazing shooting for the Duke's newly arrived Bavarian supporters cause great damage to the Anglican defences but the tide started to change. The Bavarians a victim of their own success and some rather inaccurate artillery fire from Dukes own guns caused the attack to peter out couples with a strong Socialist counter attack saw the Edwardites swept from the table and start they long retreat but to Belvoir Castle and Rutland. During the finial stages of the counter attack saw the Duke himself become victim to another one of the Edwardites wayward artillery shells and was carried away from the field.

The city of Leicester is now safe in the hands of the Socialist Council with the Dukes forces mauled and retreating the gains of the pass few months having been lost back to the Socialists.

I has a great day and thanks to all the chaps from the Very British Civil Forum who played and especially to Mr Smillie for especially for putting on this great day. Roll on the next one.

Here are some pictures of the day and I hope you enjoy them.

Other Partizan and the Battle of Houghton on the Hill

Yesterday the Battle of Houghton on the Hill happened and a jolly good game was had. Here is a report of the first part of the battle.

Photos of the game. Yes here some photo from the game in order of the day starting with the setup and then the turns. These are other the start of them.

The setup with Ook, Monsewer Crapaud and Smillie.
The Morrismen dancing in the street in front of the New Mrs Ooks.
The setup looking from the village of Billesdon toward Houghton on the Hill
Looking towards Houghton with a well know celeb in the picture with Smillie, Lord of Jerwood, Gimzod and Burnin' Coal
Close up of Houghton Church with that celeb still hanging around.
The Morrismen dance the Catholics join in.
Those Catholics who gave the SFF such a hard time.
Smillie demonstrating his God like Heat Ray as the Sons of Rorke's Drift stand on and cheer
Ook's SFF move to assault Monsewer Crapaud's Catholics in Houghton Village.
The Humberstone Militia march out onto the battlefield with new colours waving.
Monsewer's Catholics infest and defend the houses of Houghton with the Humber Stones to the south of the village.
Smillie's Sons of Rorkes Drift start there march from the village of Billesdon toward the village of Houghton in aid of there Catholic allies under Lord Quenby.
The Duke watches on as the Sons march forward to victory or death.
The Duke of Rutland encourages the troops
Looking at the village of Houghton with Ook's SFF hard pressed and Gimzod's AL Poles entering the battle to attack the village from the south.
Gimzod's Polish troops start there attack on the Catholics in the village.
The Sons of Rorkes Drift attack the AL Poles in the fields between the two villages.
The lull in the battle as lunch is called. Sandwiches, tea and cakes are called up to the front line.

We join the action after lunch, when weird happening well happened. More on this later. The situation is that The Catholic forces of Lord Quenby, Royalists, is holding the village from SFF, Leicester Socialists, who are assaulting the village with the Humberstone Militia, also Leicester Socialists starting there march on the village. In the centre the Duke of Rutland's Own British Union of Fascist Company, Royalists were marching in support of the Catholics, with the Sons of Rorkes Drift, Royalists fighting the Leicester Anglican League helping the Leicester Socialists.

Duke of Rutland's Own BUF, DROBUF, marching toward the village in support of the Catholics.

Lord Jerwood's DROBUF come under fire from Ook's SFF.

Meanwhile in the centre of the village the Morrismen carried on dancing and drinking Rington's Tea, as all hell breaks loose around them.

Lord Jerwood's DROBUF gather and again attack the SFF.

Mrs PK's Morrismen enjoy a lovely cuppa of Rington Tea. Yes this battle had a sponsor, can you guess who? You can buy a pack of this lovely tea from Mrs PK's General Store and a lovely cake from Mrs Ook's new Bakery. If you need to post your letters, parcels and good there is Mrs Smillie's Post Office.

One of there surreal moments as balloons start to fall from the sky leave Smillie asking for an Ice Cream.

The Humberstone Militia march towards the village of Houghton to flush out those Catholics with support from a Croydon Armoured Van.

Those defiant Catholics still holding the village and pouring on murderous fire at both the SFF and the Humbo Militia.

The SFF taking cover and rest from the Catholic firs from the village of Houghton.

Waiting for the 57 bus. Ook Enterprise's Bus Stop and I so want one.

Again the DROBUF march toward the SFF in support of Lord Quenby's Catholic forces.

Still holding the village of Houghton the Catholic forces of Lord Quenby fight off attack after attack from the SFF and the Humbo Militia.

The Humberstone Militia supporting the SFF try to gain a foothold in the village gaining some success.

Ook, the commander of the SFF, smiles with approval as the Humberstone Militia, commanded by Burnin' Coal, cause heavy casualties from the Catholics forces of Monsewer Carpaud.

A rare photo of the PanzerKaput with Ook and Lord of Jerwood for company. Lord knows what is wrong with PanzerKaputs face, its a strange illness.

A sad sight as the SFF after a very hard day fighting start to pull down from the village. But a section still hangs on it there.

As the SFF pull back the Humberstone Militia with their new Colours flying press the attack into the village now supported by the Anglican League. In the meantime the rest of the Anglican League are being hard pressed by the balloon wielding Smillie and his Sons of Rorkes Drift.

Let them eat cake, with Mrs Ook being too poorly to supply the combatants with cake Monsewer Crapaud provided us with this lovely French cake and also Mr and Mrs Burnin' Coal supply lovely traditional shortbread, yum yum.

Meanwhile the DROBUF are still regrouping behind the cover of the wall, thanks to the fire laid down on them by SFF.

The bane of the SFF, Lord Quenby's Catholic mortar team in a commanding position.

As the last attacks go in to try and take the village of Houghton, the Humbo Militia advance under fire from the Catholics, while in the centre the Sons of Rorkes Drift gain the upper hand over the Polish forces of the Anglican League. But it looks like Lord Quenby forces are holding.

As the Humberstone Militia advances toward Houghton on the Hill it proves to e a village too far and the Socialists retreat back to Leicester.

Now the Duke of Rutland's forces have a foothold on Leicester and during the next few days they bring up its artillery to start its bombardment of the city.

Bad News, Good News and Other Partizan

The Battle of Houghton on the Hill, 1938

Due to personal events which have happened recently the planned Battle of Stoke Fields at Other Partizan has been cancelled . But please dont fear as this means that it will on ahead but at another time.

Now thats the Bad News out of the way, and I hope that you are still reading this as out of the ashes of that a new game has risen. Carrying on with the previous Partizan themes with the Duke of Rutland, the Leicester Socialists, the battle to capture King Eddy, the battle of Queniborough, now come the third part in the series the Battle of Houghton on the Hill. Yes the Battle of Houghton on the Hill and hear is the plan.

The Setting
The village of Houghton on the Hill finds itself today a part of the ever ongoing civil war that has gripped the country. Being an important crossed between Leicester and the Anglican League at Peterborough, the Duke of Rutland has rushed in a detachment of troops to take and hold the crossroads until reinforcements turn on. Moved into the village under the guise of Lord Quenby’s LDV on an exercise and before the locals knew what was happening, the Duke of Rutland’s BUF set up a road block and placed the village under guard.

The forward observers from the Leicester socialists noticed and observed the movement of Lord Quenby’s troops with interest, as they have been relatively quite since the attack on Queniborough. Upon seeing that they have set up a road block at the crossroads and in fact that they are not the LDV that entered the village but now black/grey uniformed BUF they have sent back there messages to raise the alarm, for good reason as on the Duke of Rutland has control of a virtual crossroads and also, if he brings up his artillery, he can rain fore on the city and the airfield.

The Rules
The rules being used for the game is Went the Day Well by Mr Ook. If anyone is in need of a copy please pm me with your email address and I’ll send them out for you. The version we are using is Version 9, so check your version and let me know if you need the latest one?

The Game Setup
The will be three players on itself side with a fourth player as overall commander and holds the reserve platoon. The starting positions are outlined below and on the map.

The player’s forces will be:
A command section of commander, a 2iC, and two runners.

Next will be 2x sections of 10men, with one commander, one LMG and the rest armed with rifles, shotguns, SMGs, as fits the figures.

A Support Team

Either Mortar with crew
Or HMG with Crew

A Specialist Team
Either a Boys AT rifle with 2 man crew,
Or 2 man Anti-Tank team,
Or 2 man Roadside Bomb Team,
Or Light Armour vehicle

The Royalist Plan
The plan is simply Royalist/BUF forces have planned a surprise attack to gain advance of a virtual crossroads outside of the city of Leicester, which brings both the city and the airfield into range of the Duke of Rutland’s artillery and provide a good forward base for further actions on the area and on the city itself. So the Duke has sent a platoon of his best troops, his Duke of Rutland’s Own BUF Co or the Doctor O Buffs as the Leicester socialists call them, to take and hold the village and the crossroads from all comers.

So the BUF player sets up all his forces within the village at the start of the game.

Turn two, the player commanding the forces coming in from Billesdon, far table edge come in, as these the first set of reinforcements to support the BUF. These will be make up you’re the Duke of Rutland’s Royalist Allies.

Lord Quenby’s Catholic forces will come in from the top of the table, from Green Hill. From Turn Two a die is rolled to see if they turn up,
Turn Two 5,6
Turn Three 3,4,5,6
Turn Four Anything but a 1.

Reserve troops to start arriving anytime after Turn Four with the same roll as above.

The plan and aim for the Royalist/BUF/Catholic forces is to hold the village of Houghton on the Hill from those socialists.

The Socialist Plan
The plan is to retake or drive out the Duke of Rutland’s forces from the area. As it is a virtual crossroads junction the city has rapidly assembled a rush force to retake the village quickly. However as the city council was taken by surprise, the network of informers and spies having been purged by the Duke’s forces after the Queniborough incident, and a has sent orders in a rather uncoordinated manner to available forces in the area to stop the Edwardites at all costs as they fear the loss of the airfield and the city to them.

The City of Leicester, Thurnby and Bushby, LDV are the first chaps to be rushed forward to push out the BUF from the village. The player has his full platoon with him but starts advancing up the road from Thurmby, the main road from Leicester to the village.

Turn Three, the players commanding the Launde Abbey and Leicester, Anglican League forces will come in from the southern table edge from Fisby Grange Farm area, with orders to cut off the BUF retreat and help retake the village.

The player commanding the City of Leicester, Houghton LDV is to enter the table from the south-western edge of the table from the Houghton Lodge Farm area. From Turn Two a die is rolled to see if they turn up.
Turn Two 6
Turn Three 4,5,6
Turn Four Anything but a 1.

Reserve troops at start arriving after Turn Four with the same roll as above.

The Plan for the City of Leicester Socialists/Anglican League is to drive those Doctor O Buffs from the village, take back the crossroads and hold it against those Edwardites.

I hope that the everyone is happy with is plan, I know I am. Can everyone who is player please bring any trees, hedges, walls that they have.

Thanks there chaps 

The Fight at QueniboroughPartizan 2012

The little, historic village of Queniborough awoke on Sunday morning to the distance sounds of vehicles moving and men marching.

Meanwhile in the village Princess Elizabeth was having talks with several of the local faction leaders but the others had got wind of this and planned and moved against her.

The Duke of Rutland raced forward his BUF troops, the elite of his army, towards the small village but others had plans too. The Bishop of Bath and Wells visiting the local Anglican League encampment pushed up from Launde Abbey with his movements being tracked and follows by the Somerset Freedom Fighters. Others loyal to King Edward VIII in the shape of the WI and Melton Hunter rushed forward to help, capture the Princess. The socialist force raced out of the city of Leicester to head off the BUF and Al forces operating too close to the city while a force of Albertines came as a relief force the Princess.

And it was not long before the first shots were fired, actually it was a jam jar bomb at the local Everads Morris Troop causing them to retreat into the pub where they stayed. Before long the SFF was attacking the hunt, the socialists push up hard in the centre, the Albertines flanking the SFF and marching at the socialists. Meanwhile the Bishop of Bath and Wells moved his troops together the house where the Princess was and the BUF forces having problems crossing the walls and hedges.

The Hunt charge toward the yellow house but the SFF took advantage of this and caused casualties in there ranks. in the meantime the Albertine forces clashed with the socialists but the Albertine cavalry got cut down but the post office trade union personnel. in the meantime the Bishops troops advanced to take up good positions and started to range in mortars on the BUF causing them to retire but they also still suffered from the walls and hedges and not being able to climb over them.

VBCW Game at Partizan Show 27th May

Well, well, well now that Salute 2012 is over I now it is time to get the Partizan game up and running, so to this end here I go.

So there is a VIP, no names as yet but their is a connection between Alex Cold in Alex, this year and a well know person, who is at the Old Hall Manor having a rest and a bit of a recruitment drive for funds and the faction when some dash bad luck has happened. Now being rather close to the city of Leicester, the Fosse Way or the A6 and some other important places, news has got out of a private meeting between this VIP and a couple of the factions and the others have decided after many days looking for this VIP and meeting to gatecrash it, those bouncers. So the village of Queniborough resting happily unaware of the forces coming to it and with the VIP also unaware of what is ahead its way. Luckily for the VIP the actually forces are still not sure of actually who it is they are after, what forces they having at their disposal and who else is coming to "investigate". So let battle begin.

I am going to be using Mr Ooks rules "Went the Day Well" for this game, with forces of around 30 to 40 figures on the table, but please bring what you have and if you have not got any I am sure that they will be enough to help field you a command. I am not going to set I need this and that faction but it would be nice to have a mix but if everyone bring Peoples Armies force it will still work, be even better, lol.I am going to keep tank number down low and these come in later in the year, but other light vehicles and cavalry/yeomanry are available from turn one.

Now I have some scenery mainly houses for some reason and some walls and barricades too but I do need help with other bits and pieces. So if anyone can help with terrain boards and mats I would be grateful. I am looking to cover a space of 6' x 12'. If you can help here please let me know asap, thanks. Secondly I am needing trees, wood, etc, so again if anyone can help here please et me know. Like while roads and river sections too. Actually any scenery you have can you please bring along. I think that all for the moment so thanks there chaps.

Partizan May 27th, Trouble brewing

After the visit of thE King in September to RAF Wittering, Belvoir Castle, and the surrounding area, the Duke of Rutland and his Blackshirted friends with the aid of Government forces has try to tighten his grip on Leicester and bring the war to a rather relucant Leicester City Socialists. Still smarting over the non delivery of boots for the BUF the Duke has used this time to gain advantage and moved as close as Houghton on the Hill to Leicester, developing a network of spies and informants within the city and the socialists forces.

All this has not gone unnoticed by the city council and they have taken up defences around the city which has lead to a few of the other factions taking advantage of this. The Catholic forces under De Lisle, a Great War Veteran, VC holder and major landlord has started a LDV/self defence force for Quenby Hall. Caught in No Mans Land between the City and the Duke, Lord Quenby sits patiently waiting and fighting off the warring neightbours. His is thought to be leaning towards the King and Mosley but keeps his distance for the time being.

The Anglican Leagues training grounds and base at Laurd Abbey are for the time being rather relieved that all this fuss as they see is being focused towards the city and they have been able to create links for other forces in the area and wider, especailly with Peterborough who have been able to surply support, experience and training in return for a safe training ground and a safe house. Not being to disposed toward the Papists on the doorsteps it has led to some strange talks with the socialists on how to deal with them.

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