Very British Civil Library

Here is a List of all the books released for 1938, A Very British Civil War from Solway Crafts and Minatures.

The Source Books

First Edition of 1938: A Very British Civil War Source Book, (Out of Print)

Second Edition of 1938: A Very British Civil War Source Book (Out of Print)

Gathering Storm Part One - Scotland and the North (Out of Print)

Gathering Strom Part Two - The Midlands and the South (Out of Print)

The Fall of the Empire (Out of Print)

The Concise Source Book

Tales from the Fall of the Empire, Part One - Europe, The Middle East and Africa

The Guides

A Guide to the Anglican League

A Guide to Royalists and Reactionary Forces, Part One - The Army of the Severn

A Guide to The People's Armies

A Guide to The Army of Prince Albert, Lord Protector

A Guide to The Armies and Enemies of the Scottish Republic

The Rules

Brigadier '38, Jolly Sporting Wargames Rules for Large Scale Actions

Brigadier '38, Army Lists, Part One - The Field Armies

Brigadier '38, Army Lists, Part Two - Scotland, Wales, Independent and County Forces

Went the Day Well, Platoon Level Rules

Other Guides and Campaign Books

A Gentleman's Guide to the Factions, Flags and Formations. 1st Edition (Out of Print)

Factions, Flags and Formations Part One - Royalists and Reactionaries

The North Somerset Campaign

The County Forces. Militia and Yeomanry, Part One - Bedfordshire to Middlesex

The County Forces. Militia and Yeomanry, Part Two - Norfolk to Yorkshire

A Guide to Tanks and Vehicles

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