Freebies, Downloads and Give Away Stuff

As the title suggests here is where from Now on I am planning to add all my freebies and give away stuff. This is to make it easier to find at a later date.

Free Socialist Flag

I have found myself with an extra flag that does quite fit the 1938, A Very British Civil War mould, the slogan's language is a little to modern, well from 1930s Britain that is so I have decided to get it away free. All you need to do is to download/copy it and it is yours for the taking. It is done as a PNG file so is scalable without loosing the quality and is at 300dpi which is printing quality.


As 1938 A Very British Civil War Guide to The People's Armies by Paul Cummingham for Solway Miniatures is going on release this weekend I thought that I would carry on my give away wallpaper to help support the launch for this book. The book is as the title states is a guide to eh socialist forces that are involved in 1938:VBCW and is illustrated by me. So please feel free to download any or all of the wallpapers for your computer. Thanks.


Hi there here is the latest in the range of free wallpaper to support the release of produces from Solway Crafts and Miniatures. This time to support the release of 1938, A Very British Civil War; A Guide to Tanks and Military Vehicles by Simon Douglas, illustrations by me, I have designed so more Wallpaper backgrounds for your computer in three different sizes. Feel free to download them and use them thanks.



Hi look the latest in the line of 1938 VBCW books is on pre order now. Brigadier 38, Jolly sporting wargames rules has been designed by Simon Douglas and playtested by members from GWP3. This set covers composition of typical brigades, game preparation, command groups, orders, movement, firing, armoured combat, company and other tests, resolving melee, special rules, customising your forces and a detailed points chart. Its available from Solway Crafts and Miniatures for pre order now.

And to coincide with this I have done a PC Wallpaper in three different sizes for you to download and enjoy.

Brigadier 38 Wallpaper 1 1920x1080

Brigadier 38 Wallpaper 1 1280x1024

Brigadier 38 Wallpaper 1 800x600

Brigadier 38 Wallpaper 2 1920x1080

Brigadier 38 Wallpaper 2 1280x1024
Brigadier 38 Wallpaper 2 800x600

Gentlemen's Wargames Parlour Flyers

Here are two new flyers for the GWP3 forum that can be used to advertise this great forum.

Flyer 3
Flyer 4

Here is are two flyers for the GWP3 that can be used to advertise this great forum. There are two flyers to choose from.

GWP3 Flyer 1
GWP3 flyer 2

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