Sunday, 16 February 2020

My Journey Into VBCW, Art and All Part Nineteen

Day 19 of my beautiful little yomp through the world of 1938 A Very British Civil War and today we are going to have encounter with a very special character. This is Lord Cirencester, Commander of the Army of the Severn and an intriguing personality.

Harry Beecham, 5th Lord Cirencester was born in 1892, 29th in line to the throne. He served with the Gloucesters as a young captain in 1914. Having received a back wound that made him walk with a slight stoop he was quickly promoted to major and gained a transfer to the cavalry eventually becoming post war the Colonel of the Gloucestershire Hussars. In 1918 he won the Military Cross during the rapid advance on the Western front in the closing stages of the war.

He continued with the Gloucestershire Hussars until 1930 when, upon the death of his father he took up his seat in the Lords. By nature ambitious and calculatingly ruthless he enjoyed the game of political life. He became friends with the Prince of Wales through being members of the same London clubs and a shared interest in breeding race horses. Along with Lords Montfort and Glamorgan he was a staunch member of the King’s party, pleading with the King not to bow to Baldwin’s demands over his marriage. His support was rewarded with an independent command as civil war broke out and trusted with powers to raise troops.

Outwardly loyal there is a far darker side to Cirencester as he plots to further his own position. The Bill of Attainder removing the exiled Royals from rights to succession and confiscating possessions and titles, swept away many of those with better claims than himself, he continues to harbour designs upon the throne, to this end he has been involved in numerous intrigues to damage the relationship between Wallis and Edward and furthering his own power at court.

My Journey Into VBCW, Art and All Part Eighteen

Day 18 of my sweet journey into all that is 1938 A Very British Civil War lands today on the leadership and command of the British Union of Fascists. In 1936 when at the time the current Prime Minster, Stanley Baldwin, resigned over the failure of King Edward VIII to do the right and proper thing and abdicate over his marriage to Wallis Simpson, the King invites his good friend and ally Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley to help him form a Government and led the country as Prime Minister, this meant followers of the BUF given high favour and positions. One of these fellows was Emma Picton- Bryant.

After experience as an ambulance driver on the Salonika front Emma Picton-Bryant founded the British Fascisti in the early 20‘s. By the time of the General strike they were a small but efficient operation, organizing transport and protection for ‘black leg’ labour.

Picton-Bryant’s personal life led to a period of rehabilitation in a Swiss Clinic. She was well enough to return to Britain in 1937 as the crisis was developing. Through her efforts the British Fascisti support was mobilized and transformed into a militia at the outbreak of war.

Seeing Mosley’s considerable incompetence in the Canterbury campaign she pledged her support directly to the King and took her militia over to Worcestershire. As the structure of the
Severn Valley Forces emerged, her organisational ability continued to impress, so much so that she was given the field rank of colonel and command of the 3rd Volunteer Brigade with the job of rebuilding the eastern defences after the Severn Valley campaign.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

My Journey Into VBCW, Art and All Part Seventeen

Day 17 into the world of 1938 A Very British Civil War and today it is turn of the leadership of the Anglican League. H.A.L. Cosgrove, the Archbishop of Canterbury led to attack on the King suggesting that he should Abdicate if he wanted to marry Wallis Simpson because the head of the Anglican Church cannot marry a divorcee and remain the head of the church but Edward VIII choose otherwise. This led to Cosgrove forming an alternative Government in Canterbury and setting up the Anglican League to oppose the King and made him see sense.

Cosgrove with a fiery character, strong morally and strong in personality too. This character built the League of the first major opposition to the Royalists and the British Union of Fascists, fighting them in Kent and seeing them off as well as fighting in the Royal Heartlands of the Severn Vale, but with more limited results. Cosgrove does not want the end of the Monarchy but rather supports the Monarchy if it follows the rules of the Church.

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