Sunday, 3 October 2021

The Villagers of Humerstane

I have finished a collection of villagers from the latest Barons’ War 3 Kickstarter, sculpted by the amazing Paul Hicks. I am using these guys for background set dressing but also to add to me Levy troops too. The character in these are amazing ranging from the leper with his bell and the poacher with a rabbit and pigeons hanging from his belt to the rather lovely vignette named “Ambush” where someone has creped up of a sergeant guard and is stabbing him in the back. But my favourite of them all is the little boy riding his hobby horse. 

The Kickstarter has also given me Outlaws to paint, more Sergeants, a wages cart and some more knights. 

There is also a Liam Neeson looking character from Kingdom(ish) of Heaven(ish) and some amazing Templars. 

So looking to painting these. 

Barons' War is from Warhost 
Miniatures from Footsore Miniatures and Games 
Beehive Hut from Fogou Models 
Cottage from Renedra Ltd 
Gaming Mat from Geek Villain Ltd


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